William Carey University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person may attented this school, but they should be academically focused.


a person with to goal of succeeding and having long term plans. this is a great invirnement to be in and things around here is great. people who are spoken and have big plans should attend here.


Students who are strong Christians, interested in religion, pursuing religious studies, or want a positive learning environment should attend William Carey University.


I am currently enrolled at a community college. So my advice would be for a student that needs assistance financially, loves the idea of a small class, and wants to gain personal relationships with its professors a community college is the best fit for that student. Community colleges are very managable routes to take to obtain a degree at a faster pace or to complete your pre-requisites for a certain major without the hassle of "breaking the bank".


Any person who is looking for one on one, personal attention should consider attending William Carey. Because the classes are so small, it helps the teachers focus more on helping the students one on one to succeed in their endeavors.


William Carey is a school for students who enjoy a close knit campus with Top-notch Instructors who care about their students. There is a strong Baptist Colegiate Ministries presence on campus and many opportunities to get involved with other campus organizations and community service. Top departments at Carey, in my oppinion, are: Theatre, Psychology, Nursing, Music, and Sciences.