William Penn University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First off I would tell my freshman and sophmore self to try harder. I would tell myself to really study Spanish and be good at it. I would want to tell myself to join more clubs and be more active. I would like to tell myself to take more Dmacc courses becaause I could have had more dual credit. Most I would just tell myself not to settle for anything less then what I deserve.


I would tell myself to apply for scholarships earlier!


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that no matter how tough things get you can push through it and can accomplish anything wish. Slow down and really enjoy everything college has to offer. You really have everything planned out to make the transition. Write down what your goals are and just start checking them off as you go. Truly believe in yourself because it’s you who gets you through every life experience. Trust in your friends, family, professors, and professionals for any advice and help they may have. Make sure you try your hardest at every point in your journey because I promise you, it will pay off.


I graduated from high school this year and took classes at a community college for duel credit. I am glad I did this because it provides me with a head start going into the fall. I took classes like Medical Terminology, English 101, Human Biology, Introduction to Health Careers, and I am now a Certified Nursing Assistant. Taking these courses will help me in the future for finding a good job like as a CNA in a nursing home or in a hospital environment. Another advantage is that I got a taste of college in high school so I can have a better understanding of what to expect in the fall when I attend full-time. I believe that going to college while I was still in high school not only gave me educational courses that my high school could not have but also gave me the chance to develop as an individual.


My college experience has helped me discover who I am. The first two semesters, in my experience, are confusing; as you are trying to figure out your major. I personally have gone back and forth with many majors and even considered not going to college at all until I was sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am extremely happy with my choice to attend college right out of high school. My mother and father did not go to college. My mother was very ill at my age and weighed about 90 pounds, so was unable to attend college due to her medical needs. My father, more fortunate then my mother, followed through with a career in the Air Force. My mother always tells me how smart of a choice I made by choosing to attend college, and that it will pay for itself later in life.


I have gotten so precious much out of attending William Penn University. I have developed skills needed to further my working ability. I have gained friends that care. It has been so valuable to attend this college because it has given me the knowledge i need to carry myself proudly. I will have a four year degree that will take me to places i wouldn't be able to go without it. William Penn University offers a great feel for hometown values, and small structured classes that are great for students of all ages, races and sex. Everyone that works at this school genuinely cares about the well being of the students who attend. They are always available to help with anything you may need.


If I only knew then what I know now! First off, I would tell myself ?No cell phones in class! How many times do you need to be told, class is only an hour, trust me, nothing your friend has to text you could possibly be more important then what you?re learning.? ?O ya and the embarrassment of getting kicked out 3 times from the same professor is not worth it.? Second, I would tell myself ?Get your lazy butt out of bed an hour before class instead of flying around like a wild tornado trying to brush your teeth and apply mascara, eat cereal while scavenging to find your practice clothes, textbooks, and keys. "Get yourself organized girl!? I would say that one of the biggest pieces of advice for a busy college student trying to transition from high school to college classes, work, practice, and a social life would be time management skills. Utilize the hour breaks in your day to visit the academic resource center, get up before class and eat a healthy breakfast, plan and prepare for the next day before you go to bed at night, its makes things a lot less chaotic!


If i could go back in time to my high school senior year I would tell my self that i should apply for as many scholarships as possible no matter what the odds are of winning them for working full time hours ontop of duing a double major load in college is rough and at all times very demanding. I would also tell myself that it is okay to socialize more with new people and ideas. Socialization is a major factor in helping in the high school to college life transition. This envolves talking to people outside of those who are simply in my classes or in my workplace. To network with those people who are arriving on campus from around the world is vital in progression towards a job career after college and developing life long friendships. In conclusion i would remind high school self that it is important to keep the chin up, any upcoming failures are not the end of the world, and to rise to the occasion and put 200 percent effort towards success in college and in the real world afterwards.


You will do a great job transitioning to college life. Focus on School, you are not going to make it as a Teacher, switch now before you start. Remain dedicated to your sport, it will teach you more about yourself than anything else. Get involved at school, you will form life-long friendships and meet great people. Call home often, keep those bonds strong! Good Luck, you will love it!


Kids need to pick whatever school they feel most comfortable in. It may not always be their parents favorite but it is more important that the kid feels at home there. Take as many visits to schools as you can so you can really compare and decide the best place for yourself. Imagine yourself living there for four years. If you can do that and you are happy about it, chances are it would work out well for you. Just remember that school is more than parties, sports, and classes. Classes are the most important but you will meet lots of people who will become your best friends and maybe even your spouse. So find a place you can imagine yourself living in while being able to excel in everything that you do. Shoot for being the best in everything, set your goals high, and then accomplish more than you ever dreamed. The rest of your life starts in college, so start off the rest of your life at the place that's right for you.


Go on a visit. I give tours to prospective students and the more visits people have been on the better informed they are for college life and are able to prepare for it. Also ask any question that comes to mind matter how stupid you may think it is.


First of all, choose a college that you feel comfortable in! If you feel comfortable around a large group of people choose a large University. If you prefer small settings and prefer to focus on studies, choose a private university! Also, become very responsible for yourself. Don't rely on your advisors to do all of the work for you! Figure some of it out for yourself! Because I took the time to do this I am graduating a year and a half early with my BA in accounting!! College is an amazing experience and enjoy ever minute of it, but most of all, prepare for it as much as you can!


It doesn't really matter what college you go to, it's what you do when you're there. Just pick a school that fits your personality, take time to go on visits. Where ever you go, you will meet some great friends that will help make your college experience better. Get involved in on campus activities.




Advice to parents and or college students: College is as fun as you make it! I came into college knowing the my number 1 priority was learning and getting the best out of my college experience. I was able to take classes during high school that qualified as college credit and I benefited a lot from that. Something I would have done different would have been searching more for scholarships and help with tuition. There is so much out there for students but I didn't take the time to look. That would be my best advice. Just make college a wonderful experience and make it worth while. If you work hard your it will pay off with your success!