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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

When my parents first brought up the idea of going to a community college, I was extremely against it. I was thinking more about my self image than about my future. To be honest, going to a community college has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. I am saving a ton of money, keeping my grades up, and really figuring out what I want to do. It also helps to always have a stocked fridge and the occasional laundry done by my mom. Even though I was ready to go to college, I feel so ahead of all the kids spending thousands and thousands of dollars on two years of classes they could be taking at a community college for about 4 thousand a year. Harper college specifically is a great school. Smiling faces, a great faculty, and the U.S's largest mall 10-15 minutes away. Not to forget that Chicago is only about an hour drive. It is also in an affluent area so if someone needs a job, all they have to do is look.

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That they're slackers, which is a terrible stereotype of community college students. Some people think the students that attend community colleges in general did poorly in high school, but I've seen this being proven true less often than not. Most of the time they're saving tens of thousands of dollars while completing their gen eds before transferring to a larger school.

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A lot more of the Jock types at Harper

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