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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear High School Gianna, I am writing to you from the year 2015, we've just finished our freshman year at William Woods and it was incredible. I would just like to write to you and give you a few tips to help you finish out your senior year of high school. First, do not let Mrs. Diaz wait to give you your last math class until the last minute or else you will be cramming it in up until your last days in San Diego. Second, STUDY STUDY STUDY for your SAT's and ACT's. Third, start applying for scholarships as soon as you finish reading this letter. Fourth, record your riding video before February so that you can apply for the WWU equestrian scholarship. Fifth, stay with the right people through the whole year, you will figure out who your true friends are. Just trust me on all of this, I promise that you won't regret it. Sincerely, College Gianna


Finish the first time around!!! College does not get easier later in life. If anything, it gets harder once you have children, a house and your own real bills! And, some of those classes/credits you got the first time may not transfer or might "expire". There are more scholarships available to students going straight from high school into college than there are for adults going back to school. In this economy, you can not make it financially with out a college degree. You don't have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, right now. Just get a degree! It will pay off later on down the road. In the future when you are financially stable, you can always go back to school and earn another degree in a totally different field!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a hight school senior this is what I would say. Minnie I know you can't see it right now but you are worth more and capable of more than what you think.I know people have told youa all your life that you are and will be nothing, but that's not true! You can do anything you put your mind to, don't let other people's decisions dictate who you become. just because you come from nothing doesn't mean that's who you are. You have the power to change things. So do better fight harder and do't let your life slip away.


I would ask my former self to explain to me why I want to go to college. Next I would explain to myself that if my only reason for going to college is to move out of my mother house, then I should not waste my time. I would ask myself another question, why is education important to you based on what you see in you neigborhood. I would explain to myself that the world is so much bigger than this and that will the right education you can experience it all. I give myself an assignment. I would ask myself to find 10 people in our neigborhood that completed college and ask them "why did you want to go to college". Than I would tell my former self to attend a college tours to Baurch College and ask 10 students the same question "why did you want to go to college". I would than ask myself to explain to me why I want to go to college. I could not find 1 people from my neigborhood that completed college. The students from Baurch and the people in my communtiy both agreed that education is the key to success.


As a sophmore , it is crazy to think that I am almost half way through with my undergraduate career. The most important thing that I have gained from my experiences as a college student is the ability to lead. I have learned that leading is often stepping up to do the job that others are unwilling to do, but even more often it is standing back and providing the support and the push that others require to succeed.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is that an education is very much need to make it in the world today. iIt has been so valuable to attend college because this is preping me for my future and what it is that I will be dong for the remainder of my life.


There is no way for me to ever put into 200 words the significance of my college experience. I grew up in a wealthy home and had almost everything handed to me. During my sophomore year in college, my family stopped supporting me and my education due to their disagreement of my homosexual lifestyle. From the summer of 2008 to now, I have struggled to try to continue my education and still continue to be a collegiate athlete. The 2010-2011 school year will be my senior year and i would hope to graduate next May. I am currently unable to get student loans and my athletic scholarhip will not cover all of this years expenses so I am hoping that there is a scholarhip out there to help students like me. My college experiences both as an athlete and as a student has made me the person that I am today. I learned the true meaning of hard work and what it means not to give up on something that you started. Its taught me that the proccess of learning is never really over and that life is exactly that; a process.


If I could go back, the advice that I would give myself is to relax. I needed to enjoy my final year as a kid more, and trust that I would be okay. I fretted for months, waking up from dreams about being forty years old and still living with my parents. If I knew what I know now, I might have breathed a little easier and taken in more of what I had at the time. I might tell myself to search for and apply to more scholarships, and to be a little more diligent about deadlines (procrastination has always been my ally, in a frenemy sort of way). I would also have told myself to save a little more of my paychecks. Dining hall food gets old really fast, and eating out it expensive! I realize now that college isn't scary, it's different and it's new, but it is a chapter in my life that will make all the difference in the world in how I approach and manage the rest of my life.


I would tell myself to apply to more scholarships and be more career focused. although I did recieve scholarships I wish I would have recieved more so that my loan amounts werent so high. I would also mentally prepare myself more, i told myself that I was ready and didn't worry about moving until I got there. I was a mess! i told my mom to take me home and that I didnt wanna go to school anymore. I do believe that the college that I attend made it easier for me to adjust with all of the socalization events that they held.


In order to get exactly what you want out of your college career you need to stay organized, focused and happy. I personally am fitting my four year degree in three years because thats what I wanted to get out of school. When you are here in school, be detirmined to achieve the goals and dreams you want. Work hard to get as much out of beinging in school as you possibly can, that way when you leave school you did everything you could to be the best possible person you could be. When you are here in school and you've worked as hard as you possibly can, you will be able to look back on school when you are done and be able to know that you had a great time while you were here and you worked hard to get where you are.


Apply for more scholarships


Take the time to find a school thats really a perfect fit. I found my school and cant imagine being anywhere else.


Parents: Make sure your student can be happy. Also, pick a place you can afford, because student loans are baggage that no one needs straight out of graduation. Make sure that the faculty and administration are open to new ideas, so your student has a place where they can contribute to the institution, like starting a new club or inventing the perfect major. Talk to other students who aren't paid to give you tours. They'll give you the really good information. Eat at the dining hall while visiting so you can get an idea of what the food is like. Sit in on a class to see if the courses are challenging enough. Most importantly, find a school where your student will have a "niche," a program where they can have fun and be with other people like them. Students: Once you've found the right school, understand that nowhere is perfect, so don't rely on the school or your new friends to make you happy. You have to see what a great person you are and be thankful for what you have. You have to make yourself happy.


Research schools that offer the degree that you are interested in persuing. i wanted to be an interpreter so i researched schools that offered a 4 year program. WWU was one of the top 3 in the nation in the field. Research and then e-mai both students and the professors at that school to get their insight, (yes i did do that ) then make your decision. don't just go blindly


let them do it one their own!!!


For parents and students who are seeking the right college and making the most of the college experince I would have to say look at all the colleges you are interested before making your final choice. After you have been to all of them narrow your options down to your favorite three or four and work from there. Some great advice a friend once gave me was dont go somewhere just because your best friend is goingthere or becuase your boyfriend is going there, you want this to be a great experience and its suppose to be the best years of your life. Once you visit all the colleges you have in mind there will be that one college that sticks out in your mind and you can see yourself going there and doing great. I made the right choice by following these steps and I am glad I did, I have made many friends and more to come, I have so many great memories that will never be forgotten.


You will know when you find the right one. There is a college for everyon no matter a person's interests.


College is a time of transition. For most young adults, it is the first time away from home, which can be very stressful. Making the right decision about a school is crucial. If you have an idea of what you want to be "when you grow up," it makes selecting the perfect school a little easier. Find a school with a recognized program in the field you hope to enter. Visit the campuses of the schools you are considering. Sit in on a class or two and spend some time with students there, if possible. That experience will give you a great feel for what life is like at that particular school. If you have trouble choosing between a few schools make a list of pros and cons including topics such as dorms, classes, proximity to home, etc. and decide from there. To make the most of your college experience, get involved! Find an intramural or club that interests you and use it as a way to meet new friends and form a social group. Figure out how to balance your time well enough to have a social life. It will help releave stress and keep things exciting!


Both students and parents need to visit all college campuses that are a possibility. It is also helpful to stay for a week or even a weekend to get the "college experience" on that particular campus. Talk with students from all social circles as well as different professors. If the students and parents get a chance, I suggest sitting in on a class that you would have to take for your major. It will give you a feel for the class size and the professor. Talk with the financial aid staff as well. They will be able to assist you financially if costs of the college are a major deciding factor in which school the student attends. One other place that needs to be visited is the dining hall. Some colleges do not have the best food, and students might be stuck eating disgusting food for fours years or better.


Prospective students really need to visit the campuses of their potential colleges. Sometimes a school just feels right. To parents I would say that I know financial considerations are very important but try to make it possible for your child to go to the school that they want because then they might be more motivated to do well.