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Williams' entry system is unique to the college. Freshmen are randomly assorted into different entries, each headed by two Junior Advisors (JAs). Entries provide an immediate family, and the JAs act as a mixture of parents and friends. At the beginning of the year, the entries keep freshmen from getting too lonely, since they go to breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, and throughout the year, entries provide a support system that goes to games, concerts, and late night study sessions. After freshman year, many students choose to live with their entrymates, an example of the strength of this system.


Williams is a great place to spend four years of your life. I have made many great friends that I will hopefully have forever. I love it here. No place (Williams included) is perfect. Sometimes I wish people would be less self centered and pick up after themselves. I still can't get over the number of people who just don't clean up after they leave the common room or bathroom and can't be moved to clear their plate when they eat at a dining hall. I think a little bit of that has to do with some of the apathy that comes when you go here.


It is academically challanging and in an isolated areas


It has a strong sense of community, and the people (students, faculty, staff, etc) really care about the students and try to make the best possible atmosphere for both the student's academic and social lives.


What sets Williams apart in my mind is the balance that most students have between athletics and academics. The overwhelming majority of students on campus participate in a sport, either varsity or club. Due to the fact that the school is academically rigorous, these students need to learn how to balance their academics with their athletics. This is a desirable college situation because life is all about balance, and learning how to balance two major aspects of life in college will be beneficial in "the real world" once outside of the comfortable college bubble.


Williams College puts a lot of emphasis on strong and helpful relationships between students and faculty. They interact often and meet for lunch or coffee to talk about post-grad plans, classes, assignments, or life in general.


The professors are fantastic and very involved in college life.


Small class size, incredibly talented professors, and a wealth of academic resources. Also, the sheer amount of student-faculty interaction. Anything you want to do, Williams will pay for. ANYTHING. They give out Junior Travel Fellowships for around $5,000, which you can do anything with, as long as it's for research outside of the country during the summer.


It had the best reputation in the market.


If you like God, you won't like Williams. Nearly a third of the student body admitted to being atheist/agnostic in a recent survey, and the majority of those who identified with a religion are largely non-practicing.