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Williams' entry system is unique to the college. Freshmen are randomly assorted into different entries, each headed by two Junior Advisors (JAs). Entries provide an immediate family, and the JAs act as a mixture of parents and friends. At the beginning of the year, the entries keep freshmen from getting too lonely, since they go to breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, and throughout the year, entries provide a support system that goes to games, concerts, and late night study sessions. After freshman year, many students choose to live with their entrymates, an example of the strength of this system.


Williams is a great place to spend four years of your life. I have made many great friends that I will hopefully have forever. I love it here. No place (Williams included) is perfect. Sometimes I wish people would be less self centered and pick up after themselves. I still can't get over the number of people who just don't clean up after they leave the common room or bathroom and can't be moved to clear their plate when they eat at a dining hall. I think a little bit of that has to do with some of the apathy that comes when you go here.


It is academically challanging and in an isolated areas


It has a strong sense of community, and the people (students, faculty, staff, etc) really care about the students and try to make the best possible atmosphere for both the student's academic and social lives.


What sets Williams apart in my mind is the balance that most students have between athletics and academics. The overwhelming majority of students on campus participate in a sport, either varsity or club. Due to the fact that the school is academically rigorous, these students need to learn how to balance their academics with their athletics. This is a desirable college situation because life is all about balance, and learning how to balance two major aspects of life in college will be beneficial in "the real world" once outside of the comfortable college bubble.


Williams College puts a lot of emphasis on strong and helpful relationships between students and faculty. They interact often and meet for lunch or coffee to talk about post-grad plans, classes, assignments, or life in general.


The professors are fantastic and very involved in college life.


Small class size, incredibly talented professors, and a wealth of academic resources. Also, the sheer amount of student-faculty interaction. Anything you want to do, Williams will pay for. ANYTHING. They give out Junior Travel Fellowships for around $5,000, which you can do anything with, as long as it's for research outside of the country during the summer.


It had the best reputation in the market.


If you like God, you won't like Williams. Nearly a third of the student body admitted to being atheist/agnostic in a recent survey, and the majority of those who identified with a religion are largely non-practicing.


I've found Williams to be a little stifling at times - swamped with work and with no fun metropolis to exploit, it is a little bit of a dead end. However, that gives you all the more time to do something creative on campus.


Williams is a great place and I love it a great deal. Part of the reason that I love Williams is because it is flawed. It sucks that Williams lacks diversity, that people of varying skin color, sexual orientation and/or ethnicity are rarely seen eating together, but these are things that are improving at Williams every day and every year. In some ways, people try to deal with it by ignoring these barriers and sometimes we deal with it by celebrating them. It is a constant battle that exists not only within the purple bubble of Williams, but in the world as a whole. I am happy and excited to be a part of changing the face of Williams College.


I LOVE Williams! Go Ephs! Purple cows rule!


Come to Williams if you want to work hard, play hard. It is a very difficult school, and it is not easy to get a stellar GPA. That being said, you will meet some incredible people and the professors are truly amazing and go out of their way to get to know you.


Study abroad options are fantastic! My year abroad was definitely the best thing that's happened to me so far related to college. But I've learned a lot during my time on-campus, too. Still, I think I'll have a lot more to offer to class discussions and academics now that I've had some significant outside experience. I'm glad that Williams tries to bring international students on campus, since it brings a much wider perspective to everything.


I love Williams. Its the perfect place for someone who is serious about school, loves the out of doors, and likes to have fun. What I like most about Williams is my friends. My friends all have similar work ethics to mine. We all are competitive at sports, serious about school, but also girly and into going out and having fun.


The girls are atrocious.


Williams is a great school, but has many institutional changes that I think it has started to make; however has to continue involving its students to help make those changes. It manages it money fairly well, but school is about far more than money for money cannot buy a sense of community or more importantly a sense of belonging to that community. Focus on the people to people connections and this school can only continue to more fully reach its potential.




Peacetalk Africa


Peacetalk--a great group on campus, they are always providing lots of fund raising events from selling baked goods, to used text book pick ups, and other events like a production of the Vagina Monologues with all the profits being donated to a relevant group.




Although the campus caters for almost every academic and social need, it does little to cater for intercultural dialogue. There has been recent progression towards the availability of this dialogue, though.


Peacetalk Africa is the greatest club ever


I miss the city's easy access to various goods, but I find there are way too many opportunities here on campus to keep me busy all the time.


Don't forget Peacetalk!




Williams is a wonderful, enriching environment in which to learn and grow as a human being.


i'm so glad i came to williams! PEACETALK


Peacetalk: Africa.


Peacetalk is AWESOME!








Peacetalk is an amazing organization and should be supported.




That's all.


Peacetalk is a great organization. If you feel passionately about a cause, all you need is to find those interested in the same issues and you got yourself an organization. It's kind of awesmoe actually.


Peacetalk made me do this survey.




Peacetalk Amazing people running the organization who are really knowledgeable, and the passion they exude is phenomenal, considering that they have enough spirit to do what they do despite the Williams workload. One can definitely find fellow students who are globally conscious, and have a conscience to respond to the injustices in the world.




As for community service, students here are really trying to avoid the Purple Bubble effect. Peacetalk is a group I joined last year that tries to bring awareness to issues affecting African countries. The amount of work, dedication, and the joy with which they sacrifice their time to help others is truly amazing! And there are MANY groups like this at Williams!


I was referred to this website by Peacetalk. The college generally funds our activities a lot, but I think they just wanted more money to donate. For example, the college is going to pay for the cycling team to have loaner bikes, and we have enough money to buy one or two nice racing bikes.




It's not the best place for LGBT students. There are alot of people 'in the closet'.






If you can get into Williams, you'll probably like it--that is if you like working really hard and having a million extracurriculars. Peacetalk!


give money to peace talk please