Wilmington University Top Questions

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Almost endless variety of scheduling. Classes run all day up to 10:30 p.m. There are weekend classes. School year is broken into a Tri-mester. Spring and Fall sessions can be broken into blocks, so there is the possibility of completing 5 traditional semesters per year.


Your better off attending a Community college, then applying to a decent four year college.


My school offers small class sizes in a big city atmosphere. It is only a few miles from Wilmington and down town Newark which is another college town. Alot of students from my school go to Newark to hang out and have fun with University of Delaware students. Other schools that I considered in towns like this had class sizes of a hundred or more, at Wilmington class are between 10-20 students on average. The teachers know all the students by name and they have plenty of time to give each student individual attention.