Wilmington University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I feel as though the worst thing about WilmU is the lack of scholarship opportunities. There are a lot of students who attend the university and many of them need financial help. I did apply to scholarships that the university offered but unfortunately only really qualified for 2. I just feel like there should be more financial help for the students at a University that prides itself on affordability and flexibility.


Wilmington University is a very small school. The teachers know you by name, not a number. It's also geared around working class students. They do not offer dorms so better for in-state students or students traveling a short distance. They offer hybrid programs, can graduate with a BA in two years, and hybrid classes, online part of course and in class the other half. This is a great school but for students looking for a small school and want to graduate quickly.


Someone who needs flexible school times.


I honestly believe that, after being at this school for 4.5 years that, a lazy person should attend my current school. I have not learned anything during my four and a half year stint at Wilmington. I can't wait to continue my education elsewhere, somewhere I can learn and succeed, somewhere that is not a diploma mill. Many people will tell you the same thing about this school, quite frankly, it's sad. I wish I had known that years ago when I originally applied.


A student who lives close by and who doesn't mind not having on campus life/housing. If you want to play division two sports without paying a lot this is a good school for you.