Wilson College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small, quiet and tight knit


Wilson College is very small and close knit community.


Wilson college is a beautiful, warm campus with small descriptive all woman classes that design and open up to any woman wanting to pursue her education, even mothers with children.


Wilson College is about becoming a confident women with integrity and honesty.


Wilson College is a small, private college that aims towards women's success in society.


My school is very expensive.


Its very small but this is a good thing because you always get one on one time with the teachers and can find them when you need them.


The campus is small and pleasant, with professors and staff that are supportive, challenging, and helpful.


Small women's college in a small town.


My school is a majority all girl school that has a fantastic VMT and equine program; and is an all around good school for people who are thinking of entering an animal related field.


My school is like any other school with its ups and downs. I enjoy this school because of the smallness of it and the relationship you can develop with your professors and peers.


It's a beautiful, small student oriented school that truely cares about each students education and how they spend their time during their college careers.