Wilson College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I was very well informed


College is a lot more expensive than just the number they throw at you. There are lots of hidden fees yo need to account for.


I wish I had known that the pool on cmapus was shut down.


I wish i would have know how to better manage time. in college you dont have your parents around to tell you to do your homework or go to class. it is up to you to get your homework turned in on time and be up and ready for that 8 am class.


I wish I would have known about there J-term. Which is the term between fall and spring. It is great for students who have to stay on campus for sports or those who live close.


The expenses laid out clear and how to find money for college. It is very difficult here.


that there would be so much trouble getting things done and dealing with the business office.


I wish I knew just a little bit more about how the class structures and the amount of homework. It's a lot of work, even morethan Iexpected. I am doing well, but being prepared to set aside enought time to finish homework would have been more helpful to me.


I wish I had known more about all of the credit requirements, because it is a liberal arts school, needed to graduate.


I wish I knew more about animals because my major is veterinary medical technology and I find that I actually don't know much at all, but then again that's what I came to school for, to learn.