Wingate University Top Questions

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The small unique group of students that make up the Wingate University community bring together the students, staff, and residents into a family based eniroment. Making this place away from home for many of us, a place that we can now call home oursleves. We thrive off each other trying to be the best we can be with the support and love from our Wingate Community as a whole.


Wingate offers a much smaller professor to student ratio. My professors know me by name and will strike a convesation with me no matter where they see me on campus. Wingate is a tight knit community, and everyone feels like family.


Wingate University is unique compared to other universities I considered because it is small. The environment has a certain attraction that makes me feel at home and still surrounded by a family. Considering it?s size, the probability of not knowing more than half the student population is low, therefore, everyone is friends with everyone and when transiting into college, you can never have enough friends. The mood around Wingate University is always uplifting and supportive, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the college experience as well as receiving a great education.


Wingate University offers a pharmacy program for their pre-pharmacy students so that they are able to finish their undergraduate degree in a shorter amount of time and apply for Professional school. Wingate University is also very understanding of their students and offers more of a "one-on-one" teacher-student relationship. If any questions are ever needed to be asked, students can very easily get a hold of their professors.


Whats unique. Just the atmoshpere is like being at home without being at home. The school is always beautiful year round and the people there are so friendly and nice that on my first visit i was automactically hooked because of how wanted I felt. Another thing is the size and location, set off from the largest city in North Caroling, wingate is only under an hour from nightlife in charlotte, while the shopping aspect is still around in the nieghboring town of Monroe.


The small campus and low student size allows for student and proffessors to have a personal relationship which helps the students feel like they can approach their proffesors for help. Other schools would have been larger and the professors unable to know everyone by name.


It is a diverse community, but students' are open to others beliefs and values. The professors are willing to help others and want to encourage their students' to succeed. The faculty and student's are friendly and make the campus more enjoyable.


The campus has the feel of a "family." Everyone is very caring for each other--the students and the faculty. The teachers make sure you have the help that you need and are not falling behind. They also will frequently have students to their homes for social activites and become life-long friends. Wingate also has a lot of great opportunities for a school so small--a variety of programs, strong international focus, and most students are given the opportunity for undergraduate research and study abroad at little extra expense.