Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I wouldn't say that the stereotype when it comes to students is accurate. Most students are very open and have their own personalities. You do have individuals who are more studious or more athletic than others however; most student groups are mixed.


At Winston-Salem State University, there isn't just one stereotype or label for students here. Of course, there are the athletes here at WSSU , (who might I add have extraordinary talent. The men's basketball team just won the CIAA Championship. Congrats guys!) , the Greeks, the fashionistas and there are the students who are extreme social butterflies. However, I feel that as a campus, we mesh very well. It's almost impossible to typecast one particular student into just one category.


I attend a historically black school so one of the stereo types that we face is the idea that we do nothing but drink, smoke and party. Although there are students on this campus that do engage in that behavior they do not represent the majority of the student body. At this school a multitude of the students are focused on their studies and engaging in community service projects.


A stereotype at Winston-Salem State University is the cheerleaders are very stuck up and have attitude problems. Some say that they do not like to associate with those that are not cheerleaders. I do not think that this stereotype is true because I have recently been able to get to know a few cheerleaders. They are very nice and polite.