Winston-Salem State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Winston Salem State University is so who is about school pride, like the family oriented vibe and diversity.


There is no specific person. Winston-Salem State University is open to all.




Through out my duration here at Winston-Salem State University I've come across only two types of people; those who come to recieve an education and those who come just to have a good time.


Those who like the small university atmosphere. They should be family oriented and be a 'joiner' not a loner. They should enjoy the ambiance of southern hospitality. Not be afraid to embrace the university as it large enough to hold you and small enough to know you. They should be community service oriented, understanding that giving back is the key to success.


People with determination, and character should attend Winston-Salem State University.Determination to graduate and make something positive of themselves and character to make friends and give life to the campus. Coming from a student's point of view, it is the students that make the university come alive.


Any type of person should attend this school and we are striving to be more diverse.


Winston Salem State University is open to all students no matter gender, race, or status. If your like me I love small classes and a somewhat small campus if you feel the same WSSU is for you. We have great professors who really care about there students well being, they are true to there office hours and are up on there voicemails and emails.


A student that is not looking for a party school and a lot of school spirit. Or a student that is primarily focused on their school work.


The kind of person that should attend Winston-Salem State University is a person that is committed to their educational growth and development as well as be committed to the University's growth. The person should also like and do well in small classes and be open and ready for an endearing relationship with the faculty and staff here at WSSU. The student should understand hardships and know their own levels of attentiveness as well as be prepared to be responsible for their own learning and development.


I feel if you are a motivated person looking to learn and begin a career after college this is the perfect institute. WSSU has a great career services and are always hosting job fairs. If you are looking for a smaller institute with smaller classes, in which you can get one on one time with your professor Winston Salem State would be a great choice. Also if you are looking to become more involved with your institute because its a smaller college makes it a lot easier to become involved and meet new people.


The kind of person that should attend Winston-Salem State University is one that is ready to gain a valuable education and learning experience and one who is ready to gain the HBCU college experience.


Anybody can attend this school. It is very diverse and open. Everyone is friendly, it really is a great school if you not a big party person but you like to have fun. This is not that small, but is not as huge so your classes are kind of all in the same area which is a good thing.


Who loves meeting new people, helping others, and are looking for a home away from home.


An active student but they are more concerned with acadmenics versus socailizing.


Anyone who is looking for a school thats not to big but can give you a good college experience


People who love diversity and who love to do work and only really focus on work should come to Winston-Salem State University. If you have a passion for Nursing, Teaching or Business this is the school for you!