Wittenberg University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates at Wittenberg are intellectually curious, fun to be around, and good friends.


Everyone is either extremely nice or asleep.


My classmates aren't just my peers- they are my future coworkers, the country's leaders, the driving force to make the world a genuinely better place and a group of people that I am fortunate to grow with during my academic endeavors.


My classmates are a diverse group of students dedicated to their education and driven to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available at Wittenberg University.


Even though it's a small school, Wittenberg embraces diversity in every class that attends; it may be daunting to go to a new place where there is no familiarity of home, but at Witt there is always someone that can be related to.


Coming from unique, rich backgrounds, all Wittenberg students have common values that are the foundation of what makes our traditionally warm campus such a close-knit family.


Witt is definitely a student-run campus, and these people are definitely people that you will stay friends with for the rest of your life. There's not much else to say, other than that it really is family.


Although Wittenberg's student body may appear to be rather homogeneous, diversity does exist here. While the university is affiliated with the Lutheran Church, this affiliation is in no way, shape, or form an overbearing aspect of campus life. Spirituality is what you make of it here at Witt--there are many opportunities to worship, but nothing is forced upon the students. Students here really find their passions and work to pass their light onto others by getting involved with clubs and other student organizations.


Wittenberg is a very small school so if you're active on Wittenberg's campus, you're going to meet most of them. Our student body is very active through our 100+ student organizations on campus. They're not exclusive either: a member of the track team doesn't just stick with the track team, they usually have friends that span different orientations - friends from bio class, from greek life, from their intramural team, or from their dorm room. Seeing the amount of networking that goes on between all these different groups is really interesting and extremely encouraging.


Wittenberg is a diverse campus and is only striving to become increasingly diverse every year. Students wear sweatpants, polos, skirts, anything really! All different types of students interact no matter what you wear, how you look, or what activities you associate yourself with.


The student body at Wittenberg is very diverse, and full of people not only from around the country but from around the world. The first night I was here I met a kid from Delaware, Germany, and Austria. In the dinning hall people are very friendly and willing to let you sit at their table and talk to you. The student body at Wittenberg really is like a big family and by your senior year you won’t want to leave.


The student body is what makes Wittenberg’s campus IMPECCABLE! At Wittenberg, we truly have a “Tiger Family.” Since Witt is a small campus, you always see someone you know from point A to point B. Witt students are always active with sports, academics, student organizations and/or being leaders of tomorrow.


Wittenberg students come from all over the country and we have multiple international students. We are working on improving our racial diversity. Everyone is welcoming so no matter where you come from or what year you are; you will feel comfortable on campus.


We have a great diversity on campus. We have people from most states and quite a few countries, and everyone learns side by side and many study side by side in the library too. There are lots of clubs where someone can find people that are from their belief system/religion/background/etc. but at the same time there are lots of ways to reach out and make new friends as well.


Plain and simple, there is a place for anyone on this campus! No matter what you like, there is a group, club, and friends for you.


I would describe the student body as being relatively diverse. There are many opportunities for students of different racial, religious, cultural backgrounds to interact. In regards to what students wear to class, I would say that many students dress "preppy" (Sperrys, Ralph Lauren Polo, etc.) I have also found that many Wittenberg students are fairly well-off financially. This is most likely because the cost to attend Wittenberg is so high, well- off families are more likely to afford to send their children here.


I won't lie, Wittenberg probably isn't the most diverse campus on the planet. But, they have done a great job in recent years trying to develop greater diversity on campus. I have been able to meet people from all walks of life on this campus, and I really appreciate that :) A lot of students are from Ohio, but there are more and more out of state students each year!


To throw out a quick fact, Witt has over 160 student run organizations on campus. It's awesome! We have everything from academic clubs to swing dancing. Any interest you have I GUARANTEE we have a club. The great thing too is you can also start your own club, and that's how majority of our clubs are started.


Wittenberg has a wide range of students, or a diverse student body.If you actively search out other types of people, you can find them no problem. In the past year I have become friends with a many number of international, study abroad students. Apart from international students, you can find domestic students who have very different stories from your own.


Everyone is very open! I have a wide-array of friends from all types of different backgrounds. Political and religious beliefs seem to take a backseat to people in general. There are organizations like College Republicans, College Democrats, American International Associations, Gay/Straight Alliance, Athletes for Christ, Jewish Culture Club, and Body Beautiful. The student body is not divided at all! Many college stereotypes reflect that Greek and Non-Greek students do not interact, but that simply is not true at Wittenberg. Non-Greek students are invited to almost all functions, and are encouraged to do what is best for them. I am not Greek, but many of my friends are, and that doesn't get in the way of us hanging out on the weekends.


We have a wonderfully diverse school, not just people from all over the country, but all over the world! My first roommate was from China and she and I have been planning a visit for me to go meet her family since she got to meet mine. Sure a small population just sticks to their friends, but there are plenty of other people willing to start a friendship!


Wittenberg is very diverse. I met very many different individuals that I wouldn't have met in high school or at other universities. However, it isn't as diverse at bigger universities such as Ohio State, for example. I spent time with international students and individuals who shared different values than myself. Many individuals wear comfortable clothes to class, but anything is really acceptable. Most individuals at Wittenberg come from middle to upper class status, but that can vary. Almost all of the students on campus are politically aware and active and tend to share their views with campus and the outside community. Most individuals are predominantly left, but as for myself, I am not. Everyone is different.


Financially, i know that the majority of the students that attend Wittenberg come from a family of wealth/money.


The student body is great, every student here is unique in their own way. Wittenberg is a place that welcomes self expression.


Wittenberg is a liberal arts school, so I've found that a lot of the student body are down-to-earth, politically aware, with a good mix of "left" and "right" followers.


White, upper middle class, enjoys sports, and is involved in a frat or sorority.


Witt students are laid back. Most of them are into activities. I have a few friends who are greek, but most are not.


There are 150+ student groups on campus...we are diverse...enough said!


Student Body is very diverse. Kids from 45 states last year as well as from all over the world. We have many different Religious groups and denominations represented, so I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem. "Witt" wants you to be exposed to these b/c we are a Liberal Arts school (not on the political scale). I know from my perspective that my values have only been strengthened. Kids typically are involved in several clubs. There is complete interaction and really no identifiable 'clicks'. Kids wear whatever they want. Some kids roll out of bed and go in sweats or jeans. Other kids like to get dressed up. It is all your choice b/c no one really cares. Some days I dress up others (especially fridays) i wear a t-shirt and shorts 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of kids get financial aid here. So there isn't just one type of socio-economic level represented here. The whole political spectrum is represented here!


For the most part, I think Wittenberg students are a very laid back group of people. I don't equate being laid back to being a slacker, instead I mean that students are easy to get along with. Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds--many come from wealthy suburbs, while we also have many from our own backyard in Springfield. There seems to be an environment for just about any type of student here, even though it may not be a prevailing culture.


Academic life is great for furthering your education, but student life experiences will shape you into a whole new person! A great deal of my learning and growing has been done outside the classroom, and I really appreciate my peers for that. Its the only time in my life I will be surrounded by 2000 people in my age group, and there is so many social experiences to share here! The kind of student who would feel about of place here would be the student who didn't prop their door in the dorms, or didn't get involved in one of our hundreds of clubs. As a busy athlete I usually wear comfortable clothing to class, but some people like to look nice. Even though I am Catholic, I have grown in my faith here a great deal, especially from talking with students of different faiths. Its not uncommon that people of different religions, backgrounds, financial backgrounds will grow a close bond. We have students whose parents have paid their tuition, as well as donating more to the school, and students who talk about paying their loans off for a very long time. Nobody complains about that, it's worth the financial commitment no doubt.


The majority of students are white, middle/upper class, but there are a variety of others that attend campus. Being white, I have no problem, but I feel that there is enough diversity on campus that others would not feel uncomfortable. On top of that, students here are very warm, friendly, and welcoming. Personally, I wear sweats to class almost every day, but there are others that generally tend to dress nicely everyday. Nobody really cares what people wear, they just dress in a manner that is comfortable to them.


Although Witt is a small campus (and therefore less "diverse" people), by percent Witt has a lot of diverse people on campus. The relationships I build with people from different countries and of different religions, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and socio-economic levels was amazing. As a Lutheran-affiliated school, Wittenberg is known for being accepting and open to different people. At Witt, you are not defined by what makes you different, but what makes you part of the community. In my fours years, the people who, in some way, represented a minority group and got the most out of Witt, came to Witt with an open mind, ready to learn, and ready to do things. People who came here only because they heard it was a good place for LGBT students or minorities, or people who came here only to play a sport and were unwilling to get out of their comfort zones, have the more difficult time feeling welcomed and included on campus.


Recently Witt has made a lot of effort to increase the diversity at Witt. We have an excellent exchange student program with representation from many different countries and many different student groups. Additionally, Witt students are from all over the country, LA, Chicago, New York, Florida, all over! The students are also involved politically, a few years ago we had a student actually run for office, this year the presidential election was a campus wide event! The school offers free New York Times newspapers to the students daily. Overall the student body is diverse in thought and in geography.


Most students are pretty casual for class (jeans and a t-shirt), although some wear sweatpants and some get dressed up beyond jeans everyday. That's one of the great things...you can pick your style. I think everyone finds their place and role on campus, but everyone is still interconnected. Just because you have an immediate group of friends doesn't mean they are the only ones you can hang out with.


Witt has a large student athlete population so athletic clothing worn to class is a normal thing. There are students who decide to dress up for class as well. Comfortable is the word I would use to describe the dress code of a Witt student. Majority of students are from Ohio but there is a large representation of students from the east coast and an increasing population of students from the west coast. Witt's tuition is not minimal therefore it is assumed that most students are more well off and can afford the nicer things in life. There are a large number of students that do come from wealthier families but all level of the socio-economic spectrum are covered at Witt. Financial aid is so readily available that it is possible for all types of income families to send their child to Witt.


The people at Wittenberg are friendly, fun, and outgoing. You'll find everything and anyone you are looking for here at Wittenberg. Just don't ask them about the piece of flare they wear on their clothes... paperclips, roach clips, swords, bells... they get a little touchy. They're called secret societies that aren't so secret.


Our campus isn't a group of students here to learn, it's a family. Coming from all over the country, there are many different types of people from many different types of backrounds, where our differences make it easier to connect. The campus is much more left wing, but there is also a strong right wing following.


There's been two controversial issues on campus: the burning of the GSA flag and the ignorant Caucasian student that rapped an explict sexist and racist song. The administration did not handle the second issue well at all and that caused some concerns with some of the minority students. The school is 90& white and even though I've been able to adjust, I know many who has been unsuccessful. Still, (personally) I had a positive interaction with the student body and have enjoyed my stay at Wittenberg. I've felt comfortable.


The student body is divided in up in several different groups but they do ineract. it seems that everybody on campus is active in one way or another. Some people are involved in sports, other with Fraternities or Sororities, clubs, and other activities.


oh boy. first word to come to mind: diverse. i have left-winged fanatics, and conservative freaks as friends. i have friends from the bronx, from africa, from california, and from springfield. most students seem to wear whatever to class. i prefer jeans and a hoodie, but i know people who dress up for class. variety of campus ministry and religion-oriented opportunities ON CAMPUS and off.


Witt is majority white, but still feels diverse within students. Some kids come from money, others do not. Some people wear nice clothes to class, and others wear sweatpants or pajamas..and no one cares or judges upon that. Since Witt is so small it allows people from all different backgrounds to interact and learn from one another.


Witts students are made up of people from ohio, ky, indiana, pennsylvania, michigan, chicago the northeast, south, and few from the west. the ratio of in state to out of state is 60/40 and out of state numbers are really increasing. Everyone here is down to earth, real, fun, unique, and loves being around each other. The best part about our student body is that everyone interacts with each other. greeks with non greeks, athletes with non athletes, religious with not religious, super academic with not so academic. Your group of close friends will 1) not be a small isolated group, and 2) be made up of people from all over and from different areas of campus. Witt student support each other in whatever is going on whether is a sporting event or a greek philanthropy, or even a research presentation. It is one caring community.


I would venture that most students on campus find their niche, whether within athletics, Greek life, campus ministry, community service, or some other facet of campus life. They become very actively involved in that area and then also seem to dabble in other campus activities. There’s an incredible amount of on-campus activities, and most students are pretty heavily involved in something outside of just academics.


Wittenberg's student body is generally kind and courteous to each other. On most days, I am hard pressed to walk to class without seeing 5-10 people I know.


The people are what make Witt such a great place. I have met some of my life-long friends here for sure.


Wittenberg is becoming more diverse, but still needs more work. You will meet students from different backgrounds here.


There are many clubs and extracurricular activities on campus. No student would feel out of place because there is something for every kind of student here. Most Witt students are from Ohio, but there are many students from other states and even other countries. Witt students live everyday to its fullest and support friends in their activities and sports.


Is not too big, not too small. I find it to be somewhat diverse, although this aspect could still use some work. I have found a lot of really neat people who I have come to really enjoy spending time with and a lot of people who I feel very comfortable around.


My classmates are intelligent, encouraging, and very willing to help outside of class if needed.