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my school is a community that helps each other out. you can not go through the campus without someone saying hello to you. my school is a prestigious university that will bring out the best in anybody going there.


Small class size and accessbility to professors.


Wittenberg's campus is diverse in more ways than ethnicity or race, including all different religions, extra curricular acitivities and majors. A joke around campus is that everyone is too involved, but that's only because there are so many great opportunites, from kayaking club to the Greek Life. Though we are all very different people, there is a stong sense of community and everyone offers a helping hand when it is needed.


Wittenberg University appears to be just like any other private, liberal arts college on the surface. Somewhere between the professors, the students, the lectures, and the labs, something is unique to the university. Maybe it's the professors who can step off of their highly educated platform and really speak to their students on an intellectual and emotional level. Maybe it's the closeness of the students that makes the campus feel like a home. I can't pinpoint what exactly makes Wittenberg unique, but if one just steps onto the brick pathway, you might begin to understand.


A lot of times, people ask me why I would leave Massachusetts, which is often regarded as having some of the best colleges in the country, to go to a small college that they've never heard of in Ohio. And all I have to say is that it felt right. The minute I stepped on Witt's campus, I knew this was the place I HAD to spend the next four years of my life, and it really is the fairy-tale college experience. I heard about Witt from an alum, and one other thing I love about Wittenberg is the passion that students, faculty, staff, and alumni alike all share for this place. It's the people that make the place so special! Tiger up :)


Streak the hollow. Love the traditions. Tiger up.


Wittenberg is awesome - take advantage of Founders Pub by the time you're 21, don't kiss Wally Witt, and go outside of your comfort zone.


Come to Wittenberg!!


Wittenberg was the last school I looked at in my college search and it was clearly the best. I encourage people to come visit the campus and see what it is all about.


The naked truth is that Wittenberg is awesome. From the outside looking in, Wittenberg may seem like a minuscule school with nothing to offer. After a visit or an over-night, one will realize everything Witt has for its students. From the traditions, sports teams, student organizations, Greek life and academic opportunities, Wittenberg University is one of the top universities within the state of Ohio!


Wittenberg is a great school where you will meet amazing people and make memories that will last a lifetime. It is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun!


Wittenberg is a fun place to be, where people can be on campus, try spreading their wings, and not have to fear about falling because someone will be there to pick them up and someone else will be falling next to them. Everyone here is learning to become mature while having fun and learning life skills, it's just a wonderful place.


Come wanting to learn.. we are in college! being the smart person counts when you are here!!


I have no complaints about my time at Witt!


Wittenberg is an amazing place, and it will stay close to my heart forever. It is a school that is built on lots of history and tradition, and that is just something that you can't find everywhere else!


Witt is awesome. It's truly one of the best decisions that I made!


I see many of my friends transferring out of their colleges and I just can't imagine not enjoying my college experience, it makes me that much more appreciative! Seriously.


Wittenberg is a great place to go to school. It has a wonderful atmosphere, and is filled with wonderful people that will make college the best experience of your life!


I have never felt so at home as I have at Witt. I'm moving into an apartment with two girls that I know I will be best friends for life with, and one, who can't move away from the dorms, may just be there all the time too. Witt is a place where you can feel like you are home without your parents and still be completely comfortable to make daring moves and mistakes, because everyone else is doing that too and they are all together at Witt to help each other get back up and learn!


We have a tradition at Wittenberg known as Streaking the Hollow. Before you graduate, it is known that you are "supposed" to streak (run without clothes on) through the Hollow (the open green area) with your closest friends. It is so much fun!


Excited to be attending Wittenberg University!!!


Wittenberg has changed my life for the better. I love this place.


There are students of different races, different talents, different majors, and different hobbies on our campus. When people come to Wittenberg, they notice that no one looks the same, and that is what college is supposed to prepare you for. Because our campus is so small, everyone is friendly and helpful to one another. We hold doors open for each other, give gifts to each other, and care about one another. It is a really personal school, which is something that every university does not have.


All the schools I looked at generally had a lot of the same characteristics. I wanted a small liberal arts school so that I could get close to my peers and professors and explore different subjects that interest me. But what set Wittenberg apart from the others was the atmosphere. Not only is the campus gorgeous but there's something in the air that made it feel right. The people would walk by and smile even if I didn't know them and I could see myself living here for the next four years of my life.


Pretty much, Wittenberg is FABULOUS! Here, you find people who are passionate about what they do, and they want to share that passion with everyone they can. We truly do embrace our motto "Having light we pass it on to others" in that every individual has something to offer, and here at Witt you get the chance to really cultivate and expand that light, so that when you graduate you can take that light and share it with the world!


I love this school! I've made my best friends here, and hundreds of friends for that matter. When you think of college and the fun you'll have in your mind it is exactly like what you'll think. We have everything you'd want right here!!! I don't want to graduate!!


A Wittenberg education is definitely what you choose to make of it.


They have one of the best East Asain Studies programs.


I moved here in August of my freshman year (2006) and haven't moved home since! TIGER UP!


Wittenberg is a great school. I chose to come here for swimming, but upon arriving on campus I chose not to. Even though I do not swim, I am extremely glad I chose this school!


Wittenberg isn't perfect - no school is. But, it's a great place, with great people. I HIGHLY recommend looking at!


Witt is a great place. It not only gives you an education but grows you as a person. When I fist came here I had no idea what I wanted to do. I didn't even have a direction, but Witt shaped me into the person I am today. I have made friends here, both students and professors, that I will have forever. I feel like I am prepared for the real world outside of college, and I know I have Witt to thank for that. I would recommend Witt to anyone looking for more than an education. Who is looking to learn as well as to grow.


I think at times, Witt can be unreasonable. Sometimes there is a lack of help with what students REALLY need. Like the fact that the bathrooms in firestine have mold everywhere and the heaters break on a regular basis. I think that every student would agree that we'd rather have on less Witt Series speaker and put that money to improving the DAILY lives of students. Sometimes big things are emphasized and the little things, that usually have much more of an impact are put on the back shelf. As far as exclusion goes, it can be very easy for a student to be excluded from campus or to feel powerless. I personally haven't felt this way, but I've witnessed it many times. Between the possibility of being rejected in rush and the very public secret society system, students can feel unimportant and small. Once you are here, it's easy to feel deceived into thinking that Witt is one big happy family when it's not. The same people run the same stuff.


I love Witt and I don't want to graduate even though I feel fully prepared for the "real world."


Wittenberg has lots of tradition too like you have to streak the hollow before you graduate, and you can't step on the seal until graduation or you will not graduate, we have a kissing bridge, a haunted dorm, W day, WittFest, and secret societies.


I love this school; I wouldn't have it any other way.


The Naked Truth is everything that I've said earlier. Wittenberg is a great institution with great faculties, students, and community. I contemplated transferring and I thank God that I didn't. Wittenberg turns girls and boys into Men and Women who can go out in the world and be successful. It's weakness, as I mentioned earlier, is in diversity. They have a low faculty and student population who are minority students and I think there is a lot more that they can do.


Wittenberg University Student Molly Dannaher (Class of 2010) talks about her summer internship of creating a scientific animation of human cells.




I love Wittenberg..best choice I could have made for a college!


Witt is a friendly place I would say focused more on developing you as a person, not just getting you a diploma. When you leave you will leave with the closest friends in your life as well as professor connections that will last a long time. As an alumni there is a strong alumni base filled with people so crazy about witt its scary!


Wittenberg is a beautiful campus full of tradition, ranging from every student giving the President a marble at graduation, midnight breakfast before exams, and WittFest, an all day music fest the weekend before classes end. Nothing is better than spring at Wittenberg. Campus is full of budding flowers, students lying on blankets doing homework outside, and more. It’s not even uncommon for classes to be held outside when it’s nice outside. There’s a lot about Wittenberg you come to love and don’t want to leave behind at graduation.


Wittenberg has offered me countless opportunities that I couldn't have found anywhere else. For example, I'll be returning to Lesotho, Africa this summer for two months as a student chaperone. The service-oriented trip is unique to Wittenberg and offers students a chance to see the world. It introduced me to the country where I plan to spend 5 years after graduating from medical school.


Wittenberg is a wonderful place; I just LOVE it. I’ll admit… I’m obsessed. It’s a place you can come and be you. It’s got great values and tons of really cool traditions. Come here and experience it!



Wittenberg is a great school. I would recommend it to anyone. Witt students have a good time and get their stuff done.


This is are great university. I can truly say that I have met some of the best friends I will ever meet. I have two jobs and they my bosses are very flexible with my class schedule. If you are looking for a small, close knit community to begin you educational career, this is definitely the best choice!


Wittenberg is a place that I have really come to know and love. I love the campus, but more so I love the people that make up the campus...peers and staff alike. I also love the motto of Wittenberg, "Having light we pass it on to others." When asked, "Why Witt?" The universal answer is "it just felt right" and I think that this has a lot to do with seeing the Witt light on campus when you first visit. Another popular motto around here, which was said by Wittenberg's President, is "Bringing the world to Wittenberg and Wittenberg to the world." As much as we tend to be stereotyped as a "bubble" I see the balance between our bubble and the world and that has been a very enriching experience for myself and many others. I have come to love the city of Springfield as well as the opportunities that we are afforded here at Witt. This summer, I will travel abroad to Lesotho and make a deeper connection to the world. One other thing I love about Witt is the passion the Alumni still have for this place. It may sound silly but I can assure you, I will feel the same way once I graduate from this place. It is truly wonderful!


The campus is what I fell in love with: it is absolutely gorgeous and closed in, as opposed to some schools that have buildings scattered around a city or town. This school also has dedicated alumni, which shows that students truly enjoy their college experience here at Wittenberg.


It is pretty small you can walk from any edge of the cmpus to the exact opposit in 10 minutes. In addition, We have a great history in division 3 sports with the winniest football team and mens basketball team (in Div. III NCAA).