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Is the stereotype of students at Wittenberg University accurate?


A lot of kids are from Ohio, yes, and we do have a lot of student athletes, but SO many of the students wouldn't be able to be here if it weren't for some sort of aid. There's a good racial mix. Witt has a lot to do once you stop hitting the books, other than drinking, if you know where to look.




The stereotype may be accurate, but through scholarship funds and broadened admissions practices the stereotype is slowly being dismantled.


They are not, seeing that Wittenberg is a top-ranked, liberal arts institution at which students succeed and strive to do their best.


We are a small school but not as small as people say. We have a spread out campus over a beautiful piece of land. Also you can go to class and know one or two people and come out knowing everyone in the class.


The truth of the matter is Wittenberg has plenty of academic and social opportunities for students. Recently, Wittenberg was voted by the Princeton Review for having the best professors who care about their students and the in class experience. Each year Wittenberg graduates are accepted into top graduate/medical schools, professional jobs or enter into volunteer organizations. On the other side of things, Wittenberg has over 85 student organizations. From Union Board to Student Senate or Athletes for Christ to Astronomy Club, Witt has it all. Also known for their “Witt Wednesdays,” a comedian, musical artist or trivia night are offered as activities for students. With top tier sports teams, a student can always find something fun and exciting to attend.


Absolutely false. Yes, Wittenberg’s ticket price is pretty expensive, but many do not pay near that amount. The financial aid office will work with you to help find every option possible to help you afford Wittenberg.


ABSOLUTELY NOT! There are tons of people from tons of backgrounds at Witt, which is part of why Wittenberg is so awesome.


No, I know at least 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students at wittneberg and all of them are amazing. Of course, you will not like everyone you meet, but the majority of people will love you and want to hang out with you any chance they get


In my opinion, the stereotype is accurate. Since Wittenberg is a smaller school, a lot of people know each other and are involved in a variety of extra curricular activities.