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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would suggest that students enroll in as many activities as possible at first and wean them down as time goes on. Freshman year is the easiest and students can spend more time finding their place around the campus. I would also suggest that they attend ALL orientation events (even those that are optional) because if you stay in your dorm room all the time, you won't meet new pepole and have new experiences. One of my profs told me to enter situations that would make you uncomfortable because it will help you become a more rounded person. New students should try their hardest to meet and form relationships with staff and faculty because those are the people that know the campus best and can help you when you need it; plus they're actually real people and fun! I would also say that yes, class is important, but so is a social life - so go out and have some fun every once in awhile. College is a blur and goes by way too fast, so make the most of it by having new experiences that you never thought possible, and have fun!