Wittenberg University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Choosing from thousands of schools across the nation can seem impossible. I wish I knew that it didn't matter where my parents wanted me to go, or where my high school friends were going, or where I could get the best scholarhsip, as long as I wanted to go and I'd be happy there, it'd be okay. So many people make college decsions based on what other people want for them. If you can say with confidance "I'm going to this university because I want to!" it'll be the best decision you'll make.


I wish I had known how prominent the party scene on campus was. I'm not a big party person and it was surprising to see how many people participate and how often parties occur.


I wish I would've known that Wittenberg is a safe, friendly environment and that the professors are good, genuine people who want to see success in every pupil. My experience just in this first year has been life-altering; WIttenberg has exceeded my expectations time and time again.


I wish I had known how different college was from high school.


That I was not allowed to bring a rice cooker in my dorm.


I wish i would have known about the strict zero tolernce alchol violations. I wish i also would have known about how the secret societies seem to run the campus (through administration as well as students).


I wish I'd known about some of the challenges I'd have to face extracurricularly, as well as had more emphasis on what I needed to do to get the GPA I wanted, that was different from what I did in high school. I also wish I'd known how much I'd be pulled and stretched (in a good way) and realize that that wasn't necessarily happening for others around me. Lastly, I wish I'd known how much I'd change for that better; it would've eased some of the harder times.