Wofford College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Wofford is the size. It's small, meaning the classes are never big and all your professors know your name, and you get to see Dr. Dunlap, the president of the campus, around all the time, but it doesn't feel too small.


I think that Wofford is a wonderful, welcoming place. Everyone staff and faculty member I have talked to has been incredibly warm and giving. In my experience, the faculty, staff, and students are all genuinely happy to be at Wofford. As a student caller for the Wofford alumni and development office, I get the chance to talk to every kind of Wofford alumni and I love it. Wofford alumni absolutely adore getting calls from students and are almost always excited to give back to the school and hear about what is happening on campus.


Wofford's main selling point is their honor code. When you visit campus, you'll hear all about the amazing honor code, and how you can leave your stuff everywhere, and nothing gets taken, etc etc. But what they leave out, is that the 'honor code' isn't enforced. Students steal, and lie, and cheat, and it's all swept under the rug. When I asked to change roommates, since mine was stealing from me, I was told that there wasn't enough space for me to move rooms, and that I would have to stay with her. The administration looks over the fact that students drink, and steal, because acknowledging that would mean that something was wrong with the precious 'honor code'. Wofford College is much more concerned with showing the public that they are a great school than actually dealing with it's own student body. Once you're accepted, great - you're on your own. The honor code is a complete load of crap.


The school is too small. This is probably the only problem that I have had with Wofford in over a semester of school here. However, this also leads to the best thing about Wofford. You will know almost everyone in your grade and class sizes are small. Professors are very personal and seriously love to help or just talk to students. You literally come to know almost everyone in the school, and it leads to an unreal amount of school pride.


The best thing about Wofford is the professors here. They all know their fields extremely well and are very dedicated to students' academic needs. The school is a little smaller than I would prefer. However, Wofford has an excellent reputation for producing doctors, lawyers, CEOs. Overall, is a great place if you plan on going to graduate school.


The best part about Wofford is the tight-knit community we have. Everyone cares about everyone else (including professors!!) I have formed some amazing, life-long bonds here. Though Wofford's student body is smaller than the average University, we still make a huge splash. We were even in the NCAA tournament last year. We beat out schools in sports that have 10,000 more students than we do. some even more. Most everyone lives on campus. The residence halls are really nice, and they are in the process of upgrading and re-doing the older dorms for next year. Beautiful, spacious apartments are provided for the seniors. I also feel very safe on the Wofford campus. I am not afraid to leave my laptop on a table while I go to the bathroom. We have a strict honor code, and it makes life a lot easier.


The best thing about Wofford is the sense of community. It's a small school, and it leads you to know a large percentage of your graduating class and the classes above and below you. The professors also contribute to this sense of community, as they get to know you by name and check up on you even when you are no longer in their class. The school is the perfect size in my opinion. It is small enough that you get to be your own person to everyone around you, not just a number, but it is big enough that you never stop meeting new people. As for school pride, there is a ton of it, and it is well earned.


I love the size of Wofford! I know lots of people and see many familiar faces, but there are still many people that I don't know. It truly is like a family, and campus-wide events are ALWAYS fun!


I'd change the size of the school, open it up to more students. I would let in more racial students. There is such a color/cultural divide amongst the school.


Wofford is like the perfect size. It's small enough for you to see familiar faces all around campus, and the class sizes are reasonable and conducive to learning. If I could change anything, I would increase the diversity of the students. The large majority are white. When I tell people that I go to Wofford, they often say things like "I know someone who went there," or "Great! That's a good school."


Everything about the campus is great. it is just the right size. Most students spend their weekend nights at the fraternity houses. During the week many students are seen studying in Milliken Science Building and in the Library. It is a great campus with excellent academics to match its equally excellent sports teams.


Wofford is simply it's own world. People say when you come here you get in the "Wofford Bubble", this is very true. There is a lot of old southern tradition here. Wofford takes greek life very serious and it is a major part of life there. Wofford is very small and it's easy to know majority of the people there. It's a tight knit community that is bonded through the unique and sometimes odd traditions.


Wofford has truly been a life-altering experience for me. I knew the moment I stepped on campus for the first time there was something special about Wofford. It was the first campus I looked at and 21 visits later I decided to join the Wofford class of 2012. I like to say I set the bar high and no one else compared. I feel that Wofford is the perfect size, with around 1300 students you never meet a stranger, and however you make new friends all the time. Many people who are leaving home are worried about attending a "suitcase campus" meaning everyone goes home on the weekends, this is not the case for Wofford. The weekends are an important part of Wofford life. There are football games, Greek parties, and W.A.C (Wofford Activities Council) events. There is never a dull moment on campus, from Saturday at a football game to Boys Bid Day there are not words to describe everything that makes Wofford, well Wofford. Wofford is my home away from home!