Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its schedule: three classes and physical education class each term for seven weeks and then a week off. It?s great, new classes, new teachers, new classmates, fresh material and books. I?m excited, ready to go for the gusto. I go to class, do the homework, study ... and just as I realize the teacher?s assigning a lot of work and I start feeling like I don't want to study anymore I hear ... "final exam, next week." To which I respond, "sweet, three more classes completed!"


WPI is best known for its engineering and robotics academic programs.


My school is best know for its academic excellence. It has a great math and science program.




people who are good at engineering and not good at writing. also for the food in the cafeteria, it is very good


theory and practice. working in groups to achieve a goal or project


Engineering. Project based learning. Well-prepared students with real world experience. Problem solving. Group work.


Engineers! 98% of our students have jobs within 6 months of graduating! Having more men than women at school!


The 3 projects - 1 humanities oriented, 1 interdisciplinary, and 1 within the major, usually with a company.


engineering, real world experience through projects in local and global areas


Engineering and science based majors, hands on learning, and very nerdy.