Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

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The school is a small beautiful school. Franternaties and sororities are not intense, they are open and easy going. There are a lot of guys but girls are slowly increase the average.


At the time I attended WPI, it was possible to design your own program of study. While I followed the established curriculum for electrical engineering, I had friends who developed their own programs for environmental science. The project work at WPI is also a unique aspect of the curriculum that provided an opportunity to team up with other students and a faculty member to work on an interesting and often cutting-edge project.


The project requirements at WPI make a WPI education very unique. WPI students are required to complete 2 projects before graduation, an Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) and a Major Qualifying Project (MQP). The IQP can be in any area and the MQP is completed in the major field. These projects are exciting because they allow students to work on real-world problems. Both projects are team based and topics are chosen that give back to the community in some way or solve some community problem.


The project based cirriculum.


WPI's unique project based curriculum is unparalleled. All student's are required to complete three projects before graduating. First, a humanities based project involving five courses and a culminating seminar enriches student's minds. Next, the Interactive Qualifying Project brings together groups of students from different areas of study in an attempt to solve real world social issues. Last, the Major Qualifying Project requires in depth knowledge, creativity, and maturity in the student's field of study. It is, again, completed in groups, in an attempt to ward off harmful student competition, ushering us into the real work force.


There are actually a lot of pretty people here. WPI is rumored to have RIBS but honestly I've only met a few girls really like that. People are pretty chill here. Of course there are exceptions- there always are :)


The attitude that the entire school, faculty, staff and students, all share. It's very upbeat and happy.


More projects


There's not a wide breadth of majors, since the school focuses mainly on math, science, and engineering. This means that basically everyone around is headed in a similar direction career-wise, so there's an uncommon level of togetherness and helpfulness among the students. Pretty much everyone has at least some level of familiarity with what everyone else is doing, which breeds a greater level of respect for each other and makes it easier to seek out help or advice from ones peers.


It's a pretty great school. I really like it.


I love WPI, though I can easily say that the environment here is not for everyone. Take a close look at what is offered and what can be made to happen (it is often said that people wont tell you no here, you can make majors/projects/Independent Studies for almost anything), then decide if it is for you. If you love working directly on technology and concepts that effect and run the real world and how you can take advantage of the modern technologies to expand you knowledge and understandings hands on then WPI is a great school.


Wpi teachers for the most part suck. Half can't speak English and even those who can only really care about research and not about teaching.


The only other thing I would say is that NetOps at WPI can be a bit overpowering. If you are looking to torrent files or do anything strange on the network, then watch out because they are watching you pretty intensely.


WPI is a great university with a diverse student body, opportunities to study abroad, and a wealth of activities both on and off campus. WPI is focused on undergraduate education and student involvement, and I would recommend it for anyone interested in math, science, and engineering.


It's a great, but tough school. Very personal and friendly. And yes, there are losers, but they never leave their rooms, so you can just forget about them.