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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


WPI’s most popular activity is being part of Fraternities & Sororities. It is pretty common to find girls especially be part of a fraternity. There students who are part of band and other activities. I guess there is some of everything and students pick any activity they want. The cool thing at WPI is that students can start their own organization and club by only having a certain number of members and a professor to be their advisor. This year a new club, collab lab, was started by a freshman. Its robotics oriented and involves lab work.


I have never attended such activities and groups. Sorry about that!


WPI has a very strict academic schedule so during the week there is not a lot of partying going on, and if you are awake at 2 a.m on Tuesday nights you are probably studying for an exam, finishing of a paper or working on a project with your group. You might also find yourself playing Apples to Apples which happens to be a very famous game at the school. Many organization hold a lot of events during the weekends to socialize and step away from homework and exams. The fraternities and sororities are popular. About half of the student body is involved and they hold a lot of events. Some major events are the annual Homecoming weekend, the Earth day festivities, the Winter Ball, the Suitcase Semiformal, Relay for Life etc, along with many performances of music and theater ensembles and the three student comedy groups. You can always find something to do, and there are many non-drinkers on campus like myself. I am involved with the Ballroom Dance Team and Social Dance Club which is how I have met my best friends at the school. I write for the college newspaper which has been a very enriching experience. I am also involved in three professional societies and honor societies in my field which besides networking also provide an opportunity to socialize with fellow students.


It's really hard to say. There is not a really dominant popular club in WPI. SGA(Student Government Association) is big, powerful and popular. There are similar organization like residential representative that cares for on campus living. There are philanthropic activities organized by sports teams, fra & soros and others. There are activities organized by specific studies, eg aerospace will organize group projects to students who are interested like making rockets. I have a friend who voluntarily offer to teach python to students who are willing to learn. There are a lot activities going on, like fencing, chess, games etc.


The athletes are the most popular group but everyone gets along fine. I am involved with the athlete group, because i play sports. Some student do leave their doors open and some don't, it all depends on comfort level. Events are popular depending on whats going on that night, if students don't have anything better to do then they go to the events. In college a lot people don't really date, brings a lot of unnecessary drama. Every year there is a spring concert, but depending on the artist the event is usually filled with students. People party up to 3 days a week, depending on the students priorities. At my school we have a lot of them so i would say they are very important. Last weekend i went on a job interview, i am more focused on my future and i party if i have spare time. Saturday i usually hang with my friends. I rarely go off campus, i live staying on campus


The most popular are definitely the sororities and fraternities on campus. Many students leave their dorms open freshie year to make friends and it definitely works. You bond with the people on your floor. I met my closest friends through the most random situations: greek life, in the dorms, through mutual friends, etc. Last weekend I studied all early friday evening and went to a party. Saturday I studied all day and then rewarded myself with going out to another party- work hard play hard. If you're not into drinking though theyre always showing movies and having other social events on campus people go to also.


We have a really great Social Committee, although I might be a little biased. There are a LOT of clubs on campus, and there is always something to do. Basketball games are probably one of the biggest athletic events, and football games are pretty popular too. Almost everyone leaves their doors open in the dorms, but dating is a little... iffy. The ratio of males to females is quite depressing, for guys at least, but the majority of dateable guys are already taken.


Tuesday nights are the party nights, with little to no classes for most students on Wed.s. Many people stay up late and work or party. On campus living is relatively uncommon beyond first year, though more dorms are being built so I believe that will begin to change. Much of the party scene is at the Fraternity houses, though apartment parties are common as well. Freshmen can't go the fraternities for the first semester, so many go to the social house (rugby house, ski house, etc.). Social life for many men and women is strongly focused around fraternities. Though sports can be big for many as well, even though we are D3. The WPI area doesn't have a tremendous amount to do, but with a car or a long walk it is easily possible to explore much of the city of Worcester and what it offers.


Fraternity and apartment parties are the most popular nightlife activities, and girls typically can always get into frat parties while guys have to know someone (because of WPI's very high male to female ratio of 3:1).


There are many clubs and organizations to join. One thing that is really cool is if you want a club made and you have enough people interested in it you can present the idea and it can become a club. In the case that you are not skilled enough to play a varsity sport, there is a club team for many different sports. I am involved in Women's Varsity Soccer and Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity. In the dorms many people leave their doors open and allow people to come and go when theyre in there to meet new people. This is how I met most of the people in my dorm because the doors were open and the first couple days my roommate and I went around to every room and introduced ourselves. Athletic events are very popular. I'd say the most popular sports to watch are football, soccer, basketball and baseball. There is a movie every sunday and it is usually a movie that just released in the theater. The dating scene... Many people meet a significant other in college. I met my current boyfriend at WPI. His house is 6 hours away from mine but when we are in school he lives two seconds away. If I am awake on a Tuesday at 2am it means I am studying but for most because many dont have classes on wednesdays they are out partying. Partying is pretty common in college. When one thinks of WPI they do not think of parties. Believe it or not, there is at least one party going on on friday and saturday. Parties occur every weekend. I personally think Greek life is very important. It really changed my life. Many of my bestest friends are in my sorority. So I'm asked what can you do on a saturday night that doesnt involve drinking. well, when you go to a party you are not forced to drink. you can go and just dance. I have a few friends who do not drink but they love going to fraternity parties just to dance. There is also a bowling alley on campus and in the campus center there are pool tables. Also within driving distance there are malls and shops and a movie theater.


like at any college there are more clubs than students to fill them so anything you could want from lacrosse to disk golf to mideval wannabes its All available to you. The one redeaming social aspect to wpi is its non- steriotypical Greek life. Members of fraternities are not the party and drink all the time frat boys of the movies but rather they are active members of the community.


While some students spend a lot of time in their rooms, usually its with their doors open inviting other kids to come and visit at anytime. I became very close with all the guys on my hallway. In the 7 person apartment I'm going to be living in next year, 5 of them are from my hallway freshman year. The most common things going on at 2am are either eating chinese food or wings over worcester take out, video games, drinking with friends, or homework. It all really varies on what you like to do. Saturday nights are fun because the free shuttle bus runs to Blackstone shopping center, and I've seen a ton of movies in the theaters that way. Also if you need to stop by Circuit City, Dicks, Barnes and Noble, ect. theres always that opportunity for kids without a car. Fraternities are not very important if you are good at making friends and meeting people. I've made tons of friends just by talking to people in my hallway. However, if you want to experience the greek lifestyle, then its always an option and many people who do are very happy with it.


WPI isn't a huge drinking/party school, although there are many people who do (mostly jocks). WPI students are often found in the labs studying or increasing their knowledge, playing computer games with friends or by themselves, watching movies, goofing around, etc.


There is definitely no shortage of activities for anyone on campus. Greek life (fraternities and sororities) is popular among many students, but not required by any means. There are ways to become involved with the campus with Student Alumni Society, Student Government, and Admissions. There are groups for video game development and Magic/WOW/etc. Varisty and intramural sports, outing club, many music groups (vocal and instrumental, as well as African drumming), academic clubs, political groups, ethnic groups, human-rights groups - there is no shortage of things to do on campus. And if there isn't a group already created for a specific interest, students can start their own groups! Students on the WPI campus are generally social people. Dorm room doors are open, people have homework parties and hang out in each other's rooms. There are parties, campus activities, comedians, and things to do in Worcester like clubs and concerts. Greek life is prominent for those who want if, but definitely not required. Typically you can find people up late hanging out and watching movies. WPI is a social, involved, fun campus with no shortage of things to do and people to hang out with.


If you get involved, you will not get bored. Usually a activity on campus, but if not, we can find something to do here, or off campus.