Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




The main stereotype about the student body at WPI is studying and working hard. There are some who party, but since we have a term system of 7 weeks, everyone needs to be studying everyday.


WPI, being an engineering school is prone to the stereotype that everybody is either a geek or a nerd. I have found that in my time here, people can be considered geeks, but all that really means to me is hard working. Everybody at WPI puts their best foot forward and works very hard, including the athletes.The stereotype is accurate, but you'll find that the geeks here tend to be social and willing to help.


"Techs". WPI is a true engineering school, and expect students to be like that too. Crazy frat parties don't exist much in here, but you won't see crazy geek culture a lot too.


As a technical school, the general stereotype is that many of our students tend to be, 'engineers', 'geeks', or 'nerds'. This stereotype can be more or less accurate, depending on the person; however, oftentimes this stereotype is used to our advantage, as many companies and institutions are looking for new hires who are exactly that!


When you hear the words Polytechnic Institute in the name of a college, you immediately think one thing: nerds. You would think that all we do is our homework and play video games. While this is true of some students, WPI includes students of all kinds. There are your typical tech school nerds, right alongside jocks and everything in between, although even the jocks have a slight nerdy flair. No matter what kind of person you are, it’s easy to find your niche on campus. In reality, a typical WPI student is usually overinvolved in campus activities, there are so many clubs to get involved in that we can’t pick just one or two! Our campus activities and school work keep us busy and make us work hard, but we also know how to have fun and there is always something fun going on.


People outside of the WPI community assumes that every student at my school is a rich nerd, and this is not accurate at all. There are all types of students there, with very different characteristics and qualities.


I'd say GEEKS are the common stereotypes of students here because Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is known as an engineering school. We do have a lot of sports competitions going on and many frat house around campus. Among the 4 listed characteristic, I'd say geeks> jocks> frat kids + stoners It was more accurate when I came here as a freshman and I see guys are really crazy about computer games etc. But WPI has been recruiting more and more girls these years and the ratio from men- women is like 6-4 now. I take computer science classes and work as the school's IT helpdesk. I guess that's the reason that I've met more geeks than others.