Worcester Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not liek math or science. If you are not prepared/ want to study long hours (maybe even all nighters). This is based on group projects so I would not recommend it to someone who does not like team work.


People who are unsure about going into a STEM feild should not go to wpi. It is very hard to have a liberal arts degree from this college.


People who don't want to be challenged in their lives, because here you have some obstacles to pass, and that kind of things make you a better and a prepared person.


Anybody who is not serious about their education or will not devout life and limb to learn will struggle in my school.


Someone who doesn't like to work hard and study a lot should not attend this school. You have to be driven and focused or you could fall behind before you even know it's happening.


Art students should not attend this school.


Anybody who is unsure of what they want from life, particularly in terms of a career (or at the very least their major) would most likely struggle here. Also, any person who lacks a strong academic motivation would most likely find the courseload too much and the projects too demanding.


People who can't motivate themselves. Also, you need to be socially accepting of a wide variety of people here. We have unique people!


Anyone who isn't responsible about homework, or anyone who doesn't like math and science.