Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Wright State is known to be a big commuter school. Wright State University is also known for its diversity and resources on campus.


Inclusion, access, experiences, innovation, arts.


My school is best known for its underground tunnels and being named after the Wright Brothers.


Wright State University is known for their psychology program, engineering facilities, and their arts programs. They are also known for the tunnels that run to all of the campus buildings. The school offers a variety of programs but also has an affordable tuition rate.


Wright State Univeristy is known very well throughout the United States of America for its great opportunites for disabled students, in fact it is said to be #1. The faculty here has made it very possible for our disabled students to complete their degrees without hardly any hassle. Every building on campus in handicap accesible, making it very convenient for those students to travel around campus and learn along side the rest of the student body. Disabled students can count on being treated equally and fairly at Wright State University.


Theatre and film programs


my school is best known for their nusring program.


Wright State University is best known for our impressive basketball team. In our last 2009-10 season, our team boasted a forcible 20-12 record. Coach Billy Donlon lead the Raiders to their league record of 49-21, a new four year mark for the team.


Wright State is known for being very affordable. It is also known for the basketball team.


school spirit


I attend Wright State University. Founded in 1964, Wrigh State was originally the Dayton branch campus of both Miami University and The Ohio State University. At that time it comprised of only a single building, Allyn Hall (named for Stanley Allyn, then-president of National Cash Register and one of the university's founders). A 1965 act of the Ohio General Assembly created the university. Wright State University was eventually chosen to honor the Wright Brothers, residents of Dayton.


Its friendly students and staff.


We are best known for the Wright Brothers and the air force base next door.


Wright State is best known for its accessibility for persons with disabilities. It is also known for its Engineering program as well as Theater program. WSU is also one of the most diverse campuses in Ohio.


Wright State has a great nursing program, as well as a great engineering program. Our basketball team has been pretty good the past few years and we also have the Nutter Center. This is where our basketball team plays, but it also holds concerts, Dayton Bombers (hockey) games and many other events.


It is best known for being a relatively cheap school.


Being a commuter school. Recently we have been givien a multi-million dollar grant to upgrade our Medical School. Our nursing school is high-quality and competitive as well.


Basketball and education program


engineering, pre-med, and theatre arts programs


its work with wright-patt airforce base


cool, laidback people who are nice and like to hang out and have a good time


My school has many award winning areas, that it's difficult for me to remember them all.. I know that the new boonsoft school of medicine is a new addition to the campus and it offers so much more to medical seeking majors.. there are several clubs that have recieved acedemic awards for winning competitions. a very good sense of pride at WSU