Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The most thing I brag about is how caring wright state is. Wright state always care about everyones problems. Another thing is the staff and the professors. They are very professional and Willing to do anything to make us succeed in our college education.


My school is a small size campus, so all the buildings where my classes are being held are easy to find, and we have an underground tunnel that connects all the buildings to each other. So I don't have to worry about hiking in the snow or running in the rain to get from my dorm to my classes. Almost all of my classes are small so I get a lot of one-on-one help with my teachers if I need it and there is free tutoring for freshmen.


The campus is so student oriented. There are so many things available to help you succeed in you major. The campus itself is so beautiful and a great campus for studying or just walking around. The recreaton department here has some great things like rock climbing and raquetball.


When I tell my friends about Wright State University, I tell them first that I am a commuter student, which is very different for most university's. Another thing that I value very much at Wright State University is how there a student is treated like an adult who is capable of making his or her own decisions. The kind of regulations that most other universties enforce on students, Wright State doesn't do, for example, Wright State has co-ed dorms, that helps indicate that the school allows students to live their lives and go to school there.


I love how clean the campus is and the classrooms as well. Everything is fairly new and both the campus and the classrooms are kept in very nice shape.


I brag about the coffee machines and the tunnels that run underground.


I tell them that it's not a small campus, but not a large one either. I also tell them that it's close to home so it's good if I want to come home on a weekend.


Wright State is a culturally diverse campus and you meet a lot of interesting people here. The buildings are newly renovated or are in the process of being renovated which makes the learning environment that much better. It is very easy to make new friends at Wright State because there are a lot of academic gropus and extra curricular activities. Wright State has a beautiful campus and there is always something to do. It is very easy to navigate around campus because all of the buildings are clearly labeled and they are easily accesible.


When I brag about my school I speak mostly of the Rehabilitation Service program, it is highly focused on bettering the lives of people who have disabilities and is incredibly disability assesible.


The one thing I mostly brag about is Responsibility. I let them know that campus life is fun, but being on your on it takes a lot of give and take. Its not like high school at all; It takes hard work and dedication. Some of my friends didnt go to a 4 yr. University let alone college. To survive college you have to get your priorities together before you get there. "Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win."


My school is one of the few schools that I believe has a fair price. The school has a good staff and I believe any teacher I have had cares about his students future. I also believe we have a fantastic group of student organizations. The people from my school range from white collared backgrounds to blue collar, black to white, and anything you can imagine. The city I live in Dayton is going through a rough time right now with it economics but I believe my university Wright State is improving my community


I brag on the eduacation expectation of the professionals and how people are so willing to help you in all your endeavors.


I brag about how prefect Wright State was for me. It's the perfect size , and a beautiful campus with lots of trees and flowers. The teachers are great and I felt like I've learn so much!


I brag about how Wright State has opportunities for everyone to help them in the future. I talked about the diversity and how Wright State is expanding each and everyday.


I brag about the Education program. I think the classes are the best out of every other school. The classes are small and really help me think of ideas for when I become a future educator.


I brag about the amazing dorms our campus has. They are huge compared to others and nicely furnished. The online apartments are also great. There is such a selection of housing from family to international.


The tunels in the winter because it is a great way to keep warm.


Just the Med-school program


This school has some very good academic programs. Business, the arts, engineering, and nursing are just some of the impressive programs. I also mention how diverse this campus is in regards to disabled people and race.


That I've managed to stay there for two years without transferring.


I tell them that my job is good and the classes are hard.


My Department, Theatre Design and Technology


I would have to say the tuition. Wright State University has one of the lower tuitions in the state of Ohio for a four-year university. On the same not, however, I feel like I am still getting a very good quality education even though I am not paying as much as students at other universities in Ohio. The quality of education is really good for the price.


WSU is has one of the lower tuition points in the southern Ohio area. I know that while I will graduate with debt, it will be a lot less than if I were going to another college in the area.