Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at Wright State University-Main Campus know before they start?


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself to take as many advanced placement classes as possible. I would also tell myself to find some more time for volunteer oportunities. I would also get a jump start on filling out scholarships and start saving up at least two years in advance. One more thing, have fun! Take lots of pictures and create an album of everyone and everything you want to remember.


I would tell myself to focus on school but also realize that you need to enjoy the experience of the learning environment. Take advantage of all that the school has to offer. If there is something you enjoy, do it, if there is a class or something you want to try do it. College is about the questioning of new things, to think about things you never would have, or to just look at things from all angles. I wouldn’t forget to mention that school does cost a lot of money and to think about how are you going to pay for this when you graduate. Don’t just take out all of this money and not have a plan. The most important thing I would tell myself, make new friends, talk your mind, and take it day by day it wont last forever.


The advise I would give is simple. Go for the gold and know you can do it. Too many times we hold ourselves back living in fear. It can act against us and cripple our thoughts/ actions. Dont be afraid to make mistakes and do something out of your comfort zone. Join clubs and socialize with all kinds of people. Go to the basketball game and cheer even if you dont have a clue about the game. The more people you interact with and the more you do the easier it will be to figure out what you want out of life. You dont have to figure everything out in one day. You may trip and fall but get back up again. Always get back up again. You are an intelligent beautiful woman. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!


When I was in my senior year last year, I was so exited to graduate from high school and go to college and get a degree. This is because everything was and seemed so simple in my eyes, I thought everything will be very easy after high school life. Ofcourse at that time I was not aware of my future. After I gradutated from high school, I applied for Wright State University Dayton Main Campus. I did all the procedures and received my certificate for addmission to Wright State. At this time I was thinking some majors, such as education, medical as nursing, international, but I was not really sure about them so I put undeced for my major. And finnaly my college life started, and as time by time passed I started realizing that i was not ready for college. So would give an advise for myself such that thikn twise before doing something.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advice I would give myself is to believe in myself more and don't worry about finances. I can remember when I was a senior in high school I thought college was so far from me. I had the grades to get into a good college, but I guess I thought I wasn't smart enough. I was worrried I couldn't do college papers or exams. I felt inadequate about the whole college transition. I thought I could never get accepted into to a college. When I started applying to colleges I found out that it's not hard to be accepted into a college. Then when I got into the college work I found out that I could handle it and actually did well. As for finances, well that's always going to be a struggle. I just have to search for financial aide and everything will fall into place. This is what I would tell myself as a senior in high school. If I would have known these things I could have saved myself some worry for college life.


If i had the chance to go back and talk to myself in high school, I would tell myself to work hard and never give up. I would tell myself to open an account especially for college, because now i see how expensive college can be. I would constantly remind myself to do my homework and keep up on my work. Making the transition to college takes alot of planning, money and time, which takes more then i thought. Advice i would give myself as a high school senior would consist of taking respondsibility for my own actions and making sure im properly prepared for class. I would also tell myself to always be on time, because in college if your late, some professors lock the door and that can cause you to miss important information. I would tell myself to learn how to manage money and how to stay on a budget that i can keep track of. I would tell myself to keep my room clean and keep my space around me clean because in college you have to wash your own clothes and make sure you do your own laundry. I would tell myself to study hard.


Advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to study, study, study! In high school, I was a student who didn't need to study to get good grades so I thought I could carry the tradition on in college, but I was dead wrong. I would tell myself, even if you think you know the work, study it over and over and over. And then study it some more.


In college, you must study otherwise you won't pass your classes, so learn how to study now. Make sure to attend all classes so that you know whats going on in each class. Do all homework even if it is not assigned. Make sure to take notes in each class. Do not procrastinate because it gets you no where and if you procrastinate it most likely will not get done. Don't sign up for classes that are early in the morning because you won't get up for them. Choose colleges carefully. Don't choose Malone University because it will be a bad mistake and costs way too much. You will not enjoy that school except for one thing. Wright State University is a great choice and you will love it there. Make sure to take time out for yourself and don't take on too much. Learn to say no sometimes. The transition is hard but stay on top of all you assignments and classes.


I would say, no matter how badly you want to go to a four year school; your parents want you to go to a community college first to save money. Do not be bitter. A community college can be very beneficial and you should try just as hard as if you were at a four year university. When the time is right you can transfer your credits to another school to continue your education. If you do not try your best you will just waste your time and it will take longer for you to earn your college degree. You will make good friends at the community college and learn more responsibility. When you transfer your credits you will know that a good student is one who attends all of their classes and studies everyday so they can remember the material. In math class, you must practice the problems. Knowing the theory is not enough. Sometimes you need to live through something in order to learn from it, and that is what your life is going to be like from here on out.


I would tell myself to not take too heavily to heart what my teachers in high school say about how college is because they will end up being wrong. I would tell myself that high school will not prepare me at all for what college is going to be like. That college is alot more demanding than high school, to stay up on the readings and to do whatever extra credit opportunities I could. I would also tell myself to take summer classes because the transition of going from not doing any work during the summer to constant studying when I would start classes again in the fall is horrible and difficult especially if I don't like to study and reading makes me tired. I would tell myself that the work can be hard but to keep focus and don't worry if I don't do so well on one test because most instructors drop the lowest exam score out of however many exams are given. I would tell myself that it will be an unregrettable experience that I will love.