Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to this school I wish I would have known classes I could have taken to transfer with so that I wouldn't feel behind.


I wish that I could tell my self it's more of a new start than you think. Join all the clubs and small organizations as you want, the rugby team is beyond accepting, and small groups like the ambassador group is great. Do whatever you want and try to be active. Don't worry about girls anymore, just be friendly to everyone like you always were, and wish for the best. Study, do your work, and just try to keep at it, once you start slacking, it's forever down hill, as you'll see with others.


I wish I had known more about the weather in the area.


The school is a great school and there really isn't anything that I had wished I had known before coming to WSU.


I wish I had memorized the placement of each building.


Every college freshman comes into the world of college unsure of what they're getting themselves into. That's part of being a freshman, and it's truly a wonderful experience. I love my school, and I wouldn't change a thing about it or my experiences here as a freshman.


i wish i had known it is basically a commuter university.....on the weekends this place is disserted.And since i didn't have a car at the time and my family lives in Kenya, it would get very lonely.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known that things would be fine. During my senior year there was a great deal of stress over whether I was making the right choices or not. There were times when I feared that I was ruining my life by choosing one major over another. I couldn't stop going over and over which school I should go to. Now, I feel like all that stress was for nothing. I guess I really knew what the best path for me was, and I should have just trusted my judgment.


I wish I knew that when I graduated that I would not be able to receive my teaching licenses without taking graduate level classes first.


I wish I had known how incredibly high Wright State's tuition is compared to other schools of the same size. Even the parking passes are ridiculously overpriced. In the end, it wouldn't have mattered whether I knew or not, because Wright State is the only 4-year college in the area; the next closest being Ohio State, which is over an hour away, or a the private Dayton college.


I wish that I knew that my GPA would not transfer or help me when I arrived at Wright State University and that a transfer student would not even have an advisor until they were accepted into a major.


I felt very perpared for college. I had an on campus vist with a student at wright state before my freshmen year and they showed me the ropes. I also had 3 older brother and sisters that gave me great advise about college life.


Better Study habits


Before coming to this school I wish I knew more about the faculty, students and campus life. I participated in a four year program before attending Wright State so I was familiar with the campus. I want to learn more about the career offer to the students after graduating from Wright State and how the University help the students find jobs in their area.


I wish i had know more about the campuses diversity


That I could have attended here than the "other" school!


I wish I would have known more about how the school worked. Being in student activities has shown me more about how things are done on the inside. I also wish I had known about the student activities and how to be a part of them more as a freshman.


That there is no parking garage or adequate parking accommodations.


Nothing...I researched the school before going to it.


that i could have gotten a single dorm, it would have been a lot easier.


One of the things that I wish i had known before I came to this school was the classes they offer in different quarters. For an example, if i want to take a food biology class, i have to wait till spring quarter to register. I wish i knew that what classes were availiable in winter, spring, and fall.