Wright State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about Wright State is its professors. The majority of the professors here are amazing especially in the biology and math department taht I have encountered so far. I have been her for one semester and have already made three meaningful connections with professors here.


What I consider the best thing about Wright State University is the amount of opportunities there are to be invloved on campus. I say this because no matter who you are, there is some sort of club, organization, or goup that will fit you. I am invloved in the Black Student Union, AARC, which is an on-campus residential organization, and the Ohio Students Association. Every organization offers unique opportunities for anyone who chooses to join them. It's very important to have a place for yourself that you can call home.


The best part about WSU is all the activities you will never be bored at this school.


The best thing about Wright State University is that it is affordable. For residents of Ohio, it is the most affordable, accredited institution that offers a four-year degree. This is important because it puts the possibility of earning a college degree within reach of many individuals who would not be able to afford a pricier school.


The way that the students get along with each other so easily. You would expect with as many diversities as there are at WSU that people would clash, but that doesn't happen, at least not commonly because I'm sure there are people who don't like it.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of classes and organizations you can join. If you look in to it and read what is coming in the email, you'll see how many different things are offered. Further, their are a very large amount of classes you can take. Most professors will let you sit in on them if you'd like (Which I do take advantage of) and by doing this, you can get pretty close with a professor you'd never meet in other ways.


The best thing about my school is the size. It is big emough to offer everthing I want, but small enough to care. I know a majority of people in my classes, and dont have to worry about getting lost in the crowd.


The size. I know enough people to where it is friendly, but it is large enough to where I am always meeting new people.


The best thing that I like about Wright State University is how they offer education to really anyone, as long as you maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher. All kinds of people go to this school, all different kinds of cultures, Wright State encourages studying abroad. There is unlimited access all over campus, whether you're able or disabled. For a school that isn't like a regular university where there is almost no commuting and almost all students live on campus, Wright State offers more possibilities for students on and off campus.


i have a 20 year old and a 2 year old. So after the birth of my two year old i hae decide to change my field to early childhood education. i have been in the medical field since 1198. The best thing about my school is that disabilty service is willing to help me in anyway that they can. my school has help me in everything that i need to help me have a good turn out in school.


The best thing about my school is the financial aid.


Living on campus. Everyone is great and want to help you suceed.


The on campus housing is fantastic in comparison to other state schools in Ohio and the food is actually good too. For the most part, people are friendly and Wright State has been recognized for being handicap accessible.


Small class size


The best thing about my school is that the professors are so willing to help when you ask them.


I like that that campus is very accessible. It is quite simple to get around and the buildings are not too far apart from one another. If you have classes back to back you can make it to your next class with no trouble.


The staff and teachers have been tolerable as instuctors, and informative as professors. The campus is very appealing , clean and comfortable.


The best thing about this school is the diversity of the school and the availability of the professors. In every class I have had at Wright State University there have been students of many ethnic backgrounds. Also, all of my professors have been amazing in accommadating to the students. When ever a student needs help the professors will go out of their way to make sure the students understand the material.


That it is inexpensive.


The best features of Wright State are the assistance programs they offer, like the Writing Center and University College, the many different kinds of people that go and make up the community, and the tunnel system connecting the buildings underground, so that during the winter months in the snow, students and professors don't have to walk outside from class to class. Wright State is a very accommodating school, in which they really care whether or not each and every student does well, and graduates.


The best thing about Wright State is all the great activities and being part of a college that is devoted to students. There are some many things to get involved here on campus. All the great extras and the type of people that you meet. Wright State has just about anything you can think of. All the interactions for students to get to know one another, like concerts, public speakers that visit, to community get togethers. Wright State is a big help in involving students to work on campus and making sure that everyone succeeds.


The diversity is the best thing at my school, because everyone is more accepting of others whether they're black, white, latino, asian or even if they're homosexual or not.


I love how my school has the tunnel system under all of the buildings to get us around the campus without walking in the snow. It keeps everyone warm and it helps for people to not fall around while walking around the entire campus to go to classes everyday.


It offers a very diverse curriculum and equal opportunity for any person trying to further their education.


Its close to home and I can still see my friends. The professors are very helpful.


For minorty students they offer helpful programs to help minorites succed. As a freshmen I was in a program called WrightMath which helped minory students in math where I was able to get addtional help in math while recieveing a extra credit for it. I am not a tutor for math.


the diversity and the friendly people


The best thing about the school is a small campus without buildings non-university related in the middle. The campus grounds are great and there are a lot of availabilies when it comes to housing.


I truely enjoy my school. All my teachers are very easy to comprehend and my classes are seeming quite easy for me. We have an extremely nice campus and I enjoy it all. The best thing about my school is definantly the classes.


My school is an excellent place to get an education. There is a wide variety of cultures, activities, and social activities to help develop a person for the real world. The campus is not too big but not too small.


Our school is open to many different cultures and ways of life,even if different from own beliefs, values, or norms. There are many opportunities to learn about different cultures and aspects of people's lives and programs for each. Its really great to be able to not just have one way to learn but many as well. Everyone has something to teach you, and its really inspiring.


How friendly everyone is, how easy it was to make friends,


The setting and the small class rooms.


I believe the best thing about Wright State University is the friendliness the people share here. Everyone says "thank you" and opens the doors politely. It is easy to walk up to someone and say "hi" without getting a rude glare and rejection.


There isa good mix of races at the schooland many social backgrounds




The best thing about Wright State is its professors. They are full of knowledge and willing to help any student with a problem. They are really caring and they want to share their knowledge and experiences with their students.


Lots of opportunities because there are always options for all students


Wright State is a great school to open up and find yourself! My fellow students are lways engaged with me and want to be a part of my life and well bieng. There is always something going on at school, whether in the quad with sports or poster sales, carnival style games, or in the student union with Frat and Serority events open to everyone! School is close to the mall, starbucks, and the grocery. WSU is a great community that i'm proud to be a part of!


The best thing about Wright State is it's small campus. It is hard to get lost and I see a lot of people I know from my classes. The people and the campus are like a little community.


The best thing about this school is the diversity in the student body, and the many programs they privde for the students that attend Wright State. The diversity here prepare students for the real world that come from small communties, and and chance to meet people different from them. You can learn about different cultures and not go off the sterotypes that you hear or learn about. The many programs give options plenty option to choose from to study.


The best thing about my school is the entire campus is accesible through underground tunnels. I have a physical disability so the tunnels are nice because I don't hhave to travel outside in the various elements of mother nature. The school is very accessible to people with physical disabilities.


This is a mid sized school with a great sense of community, achieved through small class sizes and a diverse student body. The student body is not so large that it overwhlems by sheer numbers. There are plenty of quiet places to sit and work or relax, both indoors and out.


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The best thing about my school is that the required courses to complete a degree are well defined and very easy to schedule and a 4-year degree is obtainable in 4 years rather than 5 or 6 years like other larger universities. Also, the professors are very diverse and open to new learning methods and hands-on activities. The school's campus is not too big, nor too small and is very accomodating for any student.


the best thing about wright state university is the availablity of book materials on campus


My school may be on the "small side" but mostly everyone comes together and supports our school whether it be a rally, fund raiser, or sporting event. Although there is alot of diversity within our university, we are able to come together and support each other!


I think the creative art center ( music, theather, art) is the best thing about my school because it is such an entertaintment to many people. We have recitals, plays, and art shows every year which makes me proud of the talents that my fellow classmates have.


Wright State is a commuter school with the heart of a large resident community like OSU. The faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students learn in the best environment possible. With smaller number of students in comparison to OSU there is a lot more focus on students and what can be accomplished with the smaller class sizes and more connection between students and faculty.