Wytheville Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to take advantage of the clubs that are offered at the college. I feel that I missed out on that experience while I worked my way through my associates degree. More importantly, I would advise myself to keep going even if things get really tough. I’ve learned that I can work my way through some pretty tough situations. But I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t try. I would tell myself that starting at a community college was the right decision. It really saves a lot of money in the long run. And it’s a good idea to look at the articulation agreements between colleges to find out what types of classes are likely to transfer to a four year college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself a few tips about college life and the transitions that need to take place in order to succeed. I would tell myself to take as many dual-credit courses that I could, look at the courses and degrees that the college has to offer, and to prepare myself for the feeling of not having friends that are physically there. I would tell myself to be ready for all of the freedoms that you get while you are in college, but also be ready for the reality of the difficulty level change, especially with homework, quizzes, and tests. All in all, I would tell myself that college is the beginning of the rest of my life, and to enjoy the ride.


Considering I am a returning college student, if I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say, "have a little more discipline!" I am returning to college after being out for almost 7 years and things have changed a lot since then. I would tell myself don't fall in love with the first person you meet, wait , these things take time! I don't think that I would have changed things really the way they used to be, because if I could go back in time and tell myself what to change, who knows if I would have ended up on the path that I'm on now. Would I have my husband and kids? Probably not, so I think no matter what anyone could go back and change, most likely they wouldn't, I know that I wouldn't! Life is a very interesting journey with lots of twists and turns that make and mold us into who we were meant to be!


Self: "Hello Brian, how are you today? Actually, don't answer that, I remember today quite clearly, actually. Listen I've a few things to tell you as, well, I'm from the future. I hear you're thinking about going to college and now you're trying to decide where to go and what to expect. Well, I can tell you that at WCC you will come to find a need for hard work, dedication, and tenacity. You're going to spend a few years getting accostomed to the life of a student and it isn't going to be easy. Rather than suffering setbacks, sidetracks, and all other manner and sorts of trial and trepidation, listen carefully to what I say. 1. Sleep early and often. Get as much sleep as possible and sleep consistently every night. Go to bed early and get up early. 2. Study. Every morning when you wake up, every chance you get while seated, and every evening before you sleep. 3. Go to class. Never miss class, ever. Never be late to any class under any circumstances. You don't want to miss anything. 4. Keep a positive attitude. Good luck!