Xavier University of Louisiana Top Questions

What should every freshman at Xavier University of Louisiana know before they start?


Have more fun. College only happens once. Stay focused but enjoy yourself more.


Never give up on your dreams. People are crazy, so beware. Always trust in yourself, you have been reared by an excellent woman, you have what it takes to be the best!


Do not go to a HBCU. Do not listen to your parents when looking over acceptance letters. Go to the college that you want to go to. Be ASSERTIVE!


My advice to myself as a high school senior would consist of three things. First, keep an open mind when deciding your major. As a Senior I always thought that biology would be the major that only interests me, however once taking elective classes that did not pertain to my major, I realized that minoring or even switching my major is something I am definitely considering. Second would be to participate in clubs that are completely different from the ones you choose in highschool. Although in highschool, I was active in the student body, I mainly had friends to rely on to keep me company or influence me to join their club. But once in college, you don't have that same group of friends to do that with, so join clubs that interest you and even one or two that you normally would not in high school. Its a great ice breaker and a chance to meet new people. And lastly, priorize and use time management skills. College is the worst place to have the case of procrasination as I did. The stress alone can affect your mood, performance on test, and your overall attitdude. Manage your time wisely.


Although you are very excited to leave Texas, don't be too eager and take things slow and don't get too crazy although you won't. The school is very challenging and you need to take it serious or you shall fail. But, you are young and think you know everything which is common but you know nothing, so behave yourself. Also, boys are idiots and if they don't like you don't fret. You is fine, you is smart, and you is important.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself in high school, there would be so much discussion and advice. First, I would talk about the importance of applying for scholarships early. Financing a college education is so costly in today's economy with schools being so frugal. Next, I would tell my former self to make more campus college tours to get a better perspective on the university. This probably would of changed my current college career plans. I would probably not be attending my current institution although I love it now. Next, I would tell my former self to examine people carefully. In life, there are acquaintances and friends. In college, many are acquaintances due to networking around campus. Therefore, it is best to be with people that support my interests. There is a fine line between a friendship and a networking opportunity. Finally, I would tell myself to save more money and not spend it unwisely. In college, unexpected costs like books and fees happen quickly. College is an amazing journey to take but difficult to survive without thinking wisely.


Dear Old Self, Hey man its me Josh in the future. Im in college sitting here writing you this letter because we have a few things to discuss. Stay focused man, work hard in those AP classes because it will prepare you for college. Josh make sure you go to class and study; these girls and your friends will be there in the long run. Take an oppurutinty to apply for sholarships so you can make it easier on your parents because the money is out there. Dont wait until the last minute to study for test Josh because it wont help you in the long run. Making notecards for yourself does actually help. Im not saying be so school driven that you dont have fun in high school. By all means have fun but make sure you do things in moderation kid. Take care of the family and help out mom with your sisters and brother as much as you can. Most importantly in life yo will see obstacles thrown your way but Never, Never let anyone tell you you cant do something. Phillipians 4:13 carry it with you, Sincerely, Future you


Elizabeth, there is so much you need to know before you go to college. Here are a few important tips to ease your transition from high school to college. Make sure you have a steady sleeping schedule. You need to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, or you will regret it during class the next day. Save as much money as you can. College tuition is expensive, and textbooks and supplies make attending college almost impossible. Take very thorough notes. If your professor allows you, record his or her lectures and take even more notes when you get home. Also, read the textbook or assignment before you go to class so that you understand what your professor is lecturing about during class. Either form study groups with quiet, focused individuals, or don’t form them at all. If you make study groups with your close friends you’ll just end up talking the whole time, and you won’t get any actual work done. Don’t procrastinate; do your homework as soon as you get it, otherwise you won’t end up getting everything done in time and your work won’t be good quality.


If I knew then what I knew now, I would have told myself to stay focused no matter what distractions may have come in my way. I would have told myself that although I will have to sacrifice somethings such as a social life and my time, in the end it would pay off. However, if I knew my brother would be murdered my junior year of college, I may not have come all the way to New Orleans from Buffalo, NY. However, If I knew then what I knew now, I would appreciate those in my life that I love and my time a lot more than I have in the past. I would also have been better equipped myself with better time management skills. That is essential in college.


I would have told myself to research the school myself. I did not conduct any research at all when making my decisions on coming to Xavier. I would also tell myself to talk to the student you left the school and what was their rreason for leaving. Last thing I would have done differently is I would have went to visit the campus first and also the city I will be living in.