Xavier University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are a person who wants to party a lot and wants to go somewhere that doesn't have a lot of cliques then Xavier is not for you. It is challenging and takes much of your focus. It isn't a party school and the people are very much like high school in cliques. But you aren't here to make friends, you are here for an education.


Someone who just wants to party.


not for someone looking for a large campus/student body


The kind of person who should not attend this school is one that is expecting to breeze through college quickly without putting in much effort. Even for the smartest students, how the curriculum is set up is to always question and re-analyze. Also, a person who just wants to blend in will not do well here. There are many services that make sure that no student gets forgotten or has failed without trying to help.


A person should not attend this school if they are looking for a crazy night life. This campus does not have crazy parties and it is kind of small so many people know each other which is bad if you want to meet alot of new people. Also, if you are looking for alot of diversity and openminded cultured people I would not attend this school either.


I believe that most people would feel comforitable at Xavier, however it is a Jesuit University. This just means that most people who attend the school are Christian, if not Catholic. We do have people attend who are not Catholic. Also if you are looking for the big school XU is not for you with only 3500 undergraduate students. Finally people who are looking to skate their way through college.


Somene you focuses more on partying and a social life, rather than on the amazing clubs, organiations and campus activities happening all throughout the semeter should attend a larger academic institute.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school, or any other school for that matter, is a person lacking motivation. Xavier is a very elite college, and I feel you have to have the mind and the will to WANT to succeed in order to attend. Being at Xavier is more than just about "book smarts" or common intelligence. Motivation seperates the student from the person who just goes to class. The listener from the hearer: the learner versus the person who memorizes the material, only to forget it a week later. Wanting to acheive is the key!


One who doesn't like to study should definitely not attend. Also, those who are looking for a big party school because Xavier University is not big and it's definitely not a party school. Also, if you're looking for a big fraternity/sorority based campus, then Xavier is not the place for you.


You shouldn't attend Xavier if you are really into partying, or like going to bars. You also shouldn't go here if you love college football, we have no team. If you don't want to work hard, I also don't reccomend Xavier, the classes are tough and grades are competative.


I do not think that a person who is closed-minded should attend this school because they may have a harder time finding people that they can get along with because of the fact that so many people here are open-minded. However, at the same time, many of the people here value the same aspects of life and can easily find people that they can get along with because of these similiarities.


The students who should not attend Xavier are those students who are not comfortable exploring new ideas or working hard to do well academically. As a Jesuit University, Xavier is a school that is open to new ideas, and in fact requires students to take both philosophy and theology classes in order to become more open minded. Xavier is also a very academically challenging school which requires students to write a number of papers for nearly every class, starting from first semester freshman classes. Those students who are not willing to accept either of these things should not attend Xavier.


Someone that does not want to be known by their professor.


Someone who wants a smallish school with small classes, attentive professors, and a great sense of community. Good opportunities to get involved with a variety of activities, watch university sports, and do community service.


Someone who does not do their work. Someone who is lazy acedemically.


The person who should not attend Xavier University is the person who is looking to get lost in the crowd. Someone who is affraid of standing out or being noticed. Someone who wants to be able to miss class and have his or her absence not noticed. Someone who does not wish to be a Musketeer.


People who are looking for small class sizes and a small community atmosphere. Be prepared for slow weekends and, at times, a lack of things to do for cheap entertainment.


People that are not goal oriented.