Xavier University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small class size and relationship with professors.


The best thing about Xavier University is the atmosphere of the school. I have always been amazed by powerful atmospheres, and Xavier offers and incredible amazement. Everywhere I walk I seem to be invited in by people whether it be through a simple smile or a chat with my professor. Since Xavier is a Jesuit University, and I came from a Jesuit High School, I can see the clear similarities that are reflected in their powerful atmospheres.


The teachers and the amount of time they put into students. They will drive to campus on a weekend to help you and have required office hours. Class size is always under 30 too.


One of the best things about the school is the teachers. They are extremely accomodating, helpful, and smart. They all have had years of experience in thier fields and years of teaching the subject so I truely take away alot from my classes. Also, the business school is great. They have numerous connections and resources that allow for many opportunities for the students including mentors, job and internship opportunities, and a brand new facility that give me an edge over other business students.


The best thing about my school is that everyone is accepting towards any race, any ethnicity, anyone with learning disabilities or physical disabilities. The fact that my school is accepting towards everything and everyone is the best thing because I feel welcome here and I feel like anyone would be willing to help me if I needed help. Also because I can make friends with anyone without him or her judging me before they get to know me.


The people. It is not hard to find really good people at this school who can make really good friends. Also the business school. They try so hard to make sure you are ready for the business world by giving you all the tools and resources you need.


I love that my school is small and friendly. The faculty are very helpful and the professors are very intelligent.


The sense of community at Xavier is unlike any other place I have ever seen. No one is a stranger. I have yet to meet a person who does not share my sense of pride and love for Xavier. In addition, I feel that the community also strongly promotes learning by serving others. Our second largest student group on campus is actually the Alternative Break Program where students spend their Spring Break doing service. This sense of wanting to give back really affirms my college decision.


The best thing about school is learning new things in my field of study and meeting new people in the program. Because I go to a small school, the class I am in will be the class I am with for the rest of the time I am there so getting to know those people is the most enjoyable part for me because this is where I will probably make some of the best friends I'll ever have.


Sports (basketball), everyone is unified on this subject


Initially, it is the sense of community and pride. It is seen first in Manresa, then in school pride (mainly men's basketball). You can just tell that students, faculty, and staff know that Xavier is a great place, and all work together to make it even greater.


The overall atmosphere - helpful and positive. Teachers and administration, as well as students, are always friendly and open to helping you no matter what.


The best thing about XU is that the students are friendly and strongly socially active. Volunteerism and community involvement is huge at Xavier, and for the most part, the campus has an open, welcoming spirit.


Xavier gives you the connections and abilities to go out into the community and connect through multiple avenues, be it job searching or service. There are supportive staff and faculty who will meet with you to help you along the way. Also, there are plenty of groups and service activities to get involved with that will provide you with amazing circles of friends.


The small classes because it is more intimate. Also the school has a community college atmosphere but gives a university quality education


The school and class sizes are small allowing maximum engagement in discussions.


All the staff here is really friendly, they really care about the students. I love my friends and being in theatre. I'm very passionate about my major. I feel very accepted here. Overall, I'm very happy here.


The vast resources that I receive my advisors.


The best thing is the small classes. Teachers know everyone's name and we don't have any TAs.


I believe that the best thing about Xavier University is the focus on post-graduate status in the workplace. They are genuinely interested in making sure that you are satisfied with your place in the workforce following your the completion of your studies.