Yakima Valley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school self to study more and make time to go take the SATs so that he can go to the colleges he really wanted to go to. Stay out of trouble and make sure to pay attetion to what is going on. I'll also tell hime to make sure to save money to go and get himself a good latpop for college classes also to work out more during the years so that when he visit schools he can preform alot better to win althetic scholarship for colleges. Tell him that keep in touch with coaches so that he will get alot more scholarships so that he can easy on by. Make sure he stays on his game so that he wont get low test scores.


The advice I would give myself as a senior would be that Collage life is a lot more different than HS life. for starters I would say the Scedules are a lot more flexible and sometimes don't require more than 6 hours a day but the school work will definetly be above that time frame, making it more enjoyable more so or less. Also I would say to fill out scholarships because they certainly do help you if you can't get a job where you live. Another thing attending school can be quite tough if you don't live close to the school even more when your attending a school that's outside of your town which in this case it is. Lastly Keep those grades up so you don't hurt your GPA; having a good GPA qualifys you for more scholarships that'll help you get where you wanna go.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give advice such as make sure you can manage your time and study well. In college I have noticed that the teachers do not care, or remind you of upcoming homework, or tests. In college you have to manage your time well, and keep your grades up. As a high school senior it would have been helpful to know that the transition will not be that difficult, I just have to keep my priorities straight, and keep my grades up. As a high school senior I would have given myself advice such as don't stress the little things, but always keep up with your work. In college time flys by, and you have to make every moment count; whether you are in class, studying, or with your friends and family. The advice I would have given my younger self could have potentially made me a better student at college.


I dream I?m walking along a wing in my small-town school. It?s been about a year since I?ve been here, but I don?t get distracted. I?m here for a reason: to give my high-school Self some advice. When I find Her, I realize how much I have changed. This has been a long year. The Other Me knows why I?m here. I tell her to finish high school the normal way, instead of online. I say ?You?ll miss the social life, and, trust me; you?re going to regret missing Prom.? I confirm her doubts about college, and She decides to go online. It takes a good while to convince her not to move out of Mom?s house until after high school. She hates the idea, but says she?ll try. Finally, after some last words of encouragement, I turn around and walk back the way I came. I turn again and push open the front door. I awake from the dream. With the same hope and courage I?ve given to the Other Me in my dream, I stretch and say ?Good morning? to the new day.


If i were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school i would advise my self to get better grades and a gpa above a 3.0. I would also tell myself that I can go to college and that i will graduate from high school and to not listen to all of the negativity that was given to me. That if i kept on focusing on the negativity of others it would make it harder for me to actually believe in myself and in graduating. I would also advise myself that i should be careful with the people i hang around with and that i should look into scholarships.


To take my time and think things out about my education and where I really want to go. That even at times you want to do what your parents want or thought you would do but its better to live your life and take that risk and go to school for what you want to do. That stressing and making spontaneous choices can effect your outlook and even starting your college years. Never second guess what you can do and what others might think of your choices. For me going from doctor to theatre/film student is a huge change and something I have to be confident in and believe that whatever I may face I must tell myself that I am just as good as the person next to me and I can make it. Finally I would say to sum up this is to think about Arneisha is this what make me happy. That there is nothing worse than going into something you won't give your heart and soul into. As Sandra Bullock quoted" I may not be the most talented but I've been given many oppourtunities."


Technically, I'm still a part of high school, however I am a full time student attending college through the Running Start program. Although I am young and barley beginning to discovering college life, I am already making the transition into how it feels and how it changes you as a person. I wasn't sure at first what to expect, but now I believe that I have an edge over others still in high school. I'm gathering college credits right now while I don't have to pay for tuition, and I consider it to be a potent idea that other high school students should get involved in Running Start. Now that it is my senior year, i wish i could've done running start my junior year, it would have been possible for me to recieve my high school diploma as a graduating senior as well as an Associate of Arts degree. I would have been able to go straight into a college/ university as a junior, plus I would already have developed experience. The sooner college opportunities present themselves to high school students, the better and quicker the transition into college will be.


This past June, I graduated from high school, destined to attend Yakima Valley Community College for two years, with a hope to transfer to a university. I am two weeks into my second quarter of college, and already I have learned so much about myself. If I had the chance, fantastical as it may be, to go back in time and converse with my high school senior self, I would have plenty to say. I would tell myself to make sure to read the chapters in my textbooks when the reading is first assigned to me, not the night before the exam! I would advize utilizing the library more often, and my professors' help. I would tell myself to be an open book to those around me, and to soak up all the culture those same people offer me in return. Before I bid myself goodbye, I would say to not limit myself to the educational plans that have been made by those around me, but rather, make these plans for myself. But more importantly, I would say to enjoy and live every moment of my college days to their fullest, come what may.


If I was able to go back into time and talk with myself and give advice on college life and making the transition I would give all the full details on the experince. In my experince it was great but yet you still have to keep self-control and make more time on your homework and class. try not to become the guy that everybody looks at for all the fun and jus be yourself. When you have a chance to get money for school do not put it off and wait tell last minute work your hardest and it will all pay off in the end. You might struggle at first but once you get the hang of things it will be nothing but a smooth ride from the there on.


Know that all your credits will transfer!!!