York College Pennsylvania Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Some are quiet, while others actively participate in classroom discussions.


My classmates are helpful and great to work with.


Quite diverse


The majority of my classmates are driven and outgoing.


My classmates are dedicated and hardworkers toward a career in education.


My classmates are academically focused and look after each other.


If you get involded with your fellow classmates by talking to them and dicussing classwork or whatever you'll be able to enjoy the class and its students far more than being silent, so if I had to descirbe my fellow classmates at this school I found have to say some are great and helpful when you ask for help and the others are boring and uninteresting because they never get involded.


We are family. As a nursing major, we all work together. When one of us falls behind, we work together in study groups to try to keep each other going. We're all just "in it together".


everyone is very open to meeting new people and working together.


Not very involved in campus clubs and activities, but the people in my major (political science) were more active in campus and off campus activiites.