York College Pennsylvania Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is the distance between housing and class. This is only terrible when it's cold and snowy!

Rae Yanna

The worst thing about my school is the campus buses because I was under the impression that they took us around town to shop all day on weekends, but they don't. I think there was some miscommunication when I was looking at the bus services and how to get around town during the weekend. (Oops!)


There were not a lot of places to hang out off campus within walking distance. If you wanted to go somewhere you usually had to drive, which meant that you could not really have more than one drink.


The worst thing about attending York College of Pennsylvania is that there are not an abundant amount of on campus activities, especially on the weekend. In order to have fun, but still be responsible by not partying, a student would have to leave campus and go to somewhere like the mall or out to eat. However, I enjoy that the campus is quiet and not everyone is focused on partying.


One aspect of my school that I really am not fond of is that the weekends are a little dry since most students go home during the weekends. So i have to find ways to entertain myself.


The location because it is not located in the best area and there is not too much to do outside of the school.


Many people don't like that our school doesn't have a football team because that's a big part of the social aspect of other colleges.


Their are not too many things that are terrible as far as academics go. If I had to pick I would say that because of the small class sizes, it can sometimes be difficult to get into the classes that you need for your major. The people with the most credits get to choose first, so it makes sense.


The worst thing about York College is the cost by far. There are many other schools in the area that are A LOT less cheaper which basically offer the same exact education. There are barely any scholarships offered at the college as well. I often wonder to myself how much are all the other students here paying? How are they affording this because I am barely getting by??! Are they getting outside help? I know a large majority of students get loans, sorry but I DO NOT want to spend the rest of my life in debt with school loans.


The only bad part about the college may be the food. Overall the food is good and sometimes surprisingly tasty, and sometimes we may find bland or dry food. Somtimes the cafeteria puts out random food that one really can not create a meal from. I am not saying the food is horrible by any measure, I'm just saying that one could get bored from the food, just because it is a cafeteria. Go to the west campus dining hall if you dont mind the walk, the food is better over there.


I love York but the winter break is really long. Being raised by a single mother was hard and i miss her when i am at school however, school gives me the opportunity to grow and i want to show her i can do what i want to do in my life. Making her happy would make me happy


The worst thing about my school is getting students who live off campus involved in on campus activities.


York College is really more of a party school then most people think. The police don't really crack down on alcohol and they admit that they admit to it. Also, dorm life is nothing like they way that they describe. Visitation is monitored, and in all honesty I have more freedom at home than at school where I am supposed to be "on my own."


There are no online class options. Currently I need to work full time as well as go to school so it would help me a lot if I were able to choose from online classes as well.


I think the worst thing about the school is that it is a dry campus. Campus saftey is very good, and they will bust you for drinking in the dorms


Dry campus


The weekends are really lame and the food in the dining halls is not good.


I consider the worst thing about York College to be that there are many commuters that attend this school. This makes it harder to socially keep in contact with all of the people from class.


I do not feel that our school is environmentally friendly enough. We are a private institution with plenty of money, we should use it more wisely. We need to invest in our future through sustainable structures and practices. For our time, we are quite far behind.


The worst thing is probably the lack of activities on weekends. It seems like if you dont go out and drink, theres nothing to do.


There is no football team. I am a huge sports fan and grew up playing soccer, but I miss watching football and tailgating for the games!


The library computers always seem to be in use, you have to allow time to wait for a computer to beome available or come in when the library first opens.


I believe the worst thing about my school is some of the choice of professor. I have had a few professor that received multiple complaints from student but are continuously asked to return to teach for another term.