Young Harris College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that it was going to cost as much as it does. Young Harris is a very expensive school. Other than that I am very pleased with Young Harris. It is everything that I need.


Young Harris College is a school affiliated with the Methodist church, having a chapel right on campus. This factor made my decision to come here exceedingly difficult, as I was raised very openly in a non-religious home, and chose to continue a path that strayed from organized religion as I got older. I was very anxious because I thought that the students would shun me, or dislike me, because of this. Before I came to Young Harris, I wish I had known how friendly and accepting the students really were so I wouldn't have been so nervous.


That the people here are some of the best people EVER!! The food is alright, I wish I had known that the food would end up getting boring after a while.


How to manage my time! The saying that "you get three things when you go to college: sleep, friends, grades--chose two" really does apply and learning to juggle my new social life with maintaining good grades while being able to function was a little chaotic in the beginning.


That school is a full time job and because Young Harris is so small, the teachers will work with you whenever you need it. Because of this, it is a very hard school.