Youngstown State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


YSU is not the best state level university in the country, however, because of its focused course structure, population diversity, lack of overcrowdedness, proximity to various student needs, connections with local industry and national/international carreer opportunities, and its affordability, it is certainly not the worst place to gather both academic knowledge and practical skills to provide an 'edge' in today's work force.


It may be a large school, but it feels like a community college; in fact, it feels like home.


Youngstown State University is a decent sized campus with great classes and offers many opportunities for students to apply themselves.


Youngstown State University: where the cost is cheap and everyone is a transfer from other universities.


Youngstown State University is a school that is good for those who are going into any science or math field because of how serious the professors take the classes, but it tends to be a party school on the weekends.


A medium sized school with a variety of different people who have a good time studying and working together.


Youngstown State University is a career- ready school.


Youngstown State University has an safe, positive learning environment that allows the students to focus on their education.


I am quiet, mostly focused, sensitive, trustworthy, an overall good girl.


You get what you pay for.


Small and not a place I feel completely safe at.


Youngstown State University and its educating programs are the biggest asset to the Youngstown area as it betters our community as a whole.


Youngstown has a great atmosphere about it.


Youngstown State University is a commuter school, for people just looking to finish undergrad as fast as possible.


Youngstown State University is a diverse, mid size school full of opportunities for students of all backgrounds.


Youngstown State University makes students feel like they can accomplish anything.


YSU is very diverse!


Youngstown State University will take you by surprise and open every window and door that a student could possibly imagine.


This is an extremely liberal school, if you have any conservative beliefs you will be ostrasized and cast from this "society" and there's nothing anywhere to do but drink, so don't go here.


YSU has a safe campus and is a nice small campus that has a lot to offer to most students.


Youngstown State University is not only an academically advancing school, but also a diverse and culuturally involved campus that allows students to branch out from everyday living and view the world and all its wonders.


YSU is a great school when you get involved and take it for all its worth.


A friendly school where you get to meet new and exciting people from different races/cultures.


YSU provides you with a general knowledge that will help you get to some place higher in life.


our school is a big commuter school that offers many majors.


YSU is cheap.


I really do not like my school and I am trying to transfer and they are making it very difficult.