Youngstown State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its array of interesting characters.


In my opinion, YSU is best know for their football team. Which is a great team but i rarely get to enjoy going to the games. YSU gives each student one free ticket for every game and every game is a big deal for students. It is a great way to get involved and cheer on your school!!


I really don't know. i'm not from here, I'm just attending school here.


Despite the fact it is located in Youngstown, YSU is a quality college.


Ysu is very strong with the assisting with the students


I have heard that Youngstown State University has a good Criminal Justice program. I am a transfer student here looking forward to the Criminal Justice program offered here. This is my first year at this college. So far, the professors teaching the Criminal Justice courses here are both knowledgable and passionate during class.


Youngstown State University is know for being a commuter campus.


Tradition and very smart people


From what I have heard its forensic science program.


For our highly competative atheltic teams, and for being a beautiful campus located in "rough town".


The fact that everything on campus seems to screw up in some way or another.


Football. They are a spirited school. Also Dana school of Music has a wonderful music program.


My school is best known for college students who can't afford a better college or it was a last resort.


YSU is best known for being a cheap university.