Yuba College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


This college is great! The most inportant thing to know is that you should see a councelor before you decide on your classes. a councelor will help a lot and make you college life a lot easier. They will also help you get information for financial aid if you need any, or scholarships.


That I could of came more prepared from a high school program, rather from starting way at the bottom from scratch all over. It's a big difference when you take your required courses even ahead of time it sure counts a lot in the long run.


I wish I would have learned better study skills before I attend college.


I wish that I would have known that college is not that scary. I had a lot of fear going back to college and it is not scary at all. In fact I enjoy college and I enjoy getting straight A's. This experience for me has been a great one and one that I can share with my children when it is time for them to go to college because that is what I want for them.


I wish I had known that I wouldn't be elligible for any finicial aid--it makes paying for school very difficult. It's made all the worse by the fact that I'm enemployed and can't seem to find a job.

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