College Application

Apply yourself

Apply yourself: Winning the college application game without losing your mind

Advice from three students who lost their minds so that now you don't have to. 

Summer for rising seniors: an important time in the college application process

You'll thank yourself later for being ahead of the game. 

Getting Ready for College: Plan your summer with these programs

This summer, expand your college worthiness by getting a job, taking classes or traveling the world as a high school student.

The gap year: when it makes sense to take a year off

Instead of making the direct leap from high school to college, some choose the road less traveled: the gap year.

What I wish I'd known about applying to college

Don’t wait ‘til after you get in—here’s what college students wish they’d known before applying.

Choosing an independent college counselor

Applying to college—not to mention figuring out which schools best suit you—is a daunting task. Now that you’ve decided not to shoulder the burden alone, you have another choice to make: whom should you hire?

The college consultant

Every year, amid fierce competition, a talented crop of high school seniors vie for coveted spots at prestigious colleges. Some of these students have an additional advantage over their high-achieving peers: private college consultants to help the [...]