3 Ways Students Can Save for the Future Automatically (It’s Easier Than You Think!)


Ever dream of saving money for college or your future without even having to think about it? Maybe you need your full brain power for those tough college courses (or getting into your ideal school). And let’s face it: as a student, you may not have a lot of spare dollars to stash away.

Fortunately, there are ways to start saving that don’t require constant attention or cash flow on your part. And this year’s America Saves Week is the ideal time to push the button on your automatic savings strategy. Just choose one or more of these savings kick-starters:

1. Automatic Savings Accounts.

Many banks will let you set up savings accounts that deposit a certain amount monthly, whether you remember or not. That amount could be large or small…it doesn’t matter. What’s awesome is that your savings habit goes on in the background, while you focus on school, work, and having a life.

2. Apps That Do the Boring Stuff for You.

Saving on a micro level can be about as interesting as counting your spare change. Fortunately, there are a few apps on the market that do just that! One such app, Acorns, rounds up your purchases and invests the difference for you, so a $1.50 candy bar becomes a $2.00 investment in both your present and future happiness.

3. Sign Up for Automatic Savings Reminders.

Can’t remember to save on your own? No problem! America Saves offers a free text message service that will send you periodic reminders, plus helpful info and tips to keep you motivated. Just visit AmericaSaves.org to sign up.

You can probably implement one or more of these strategies right now, or think of other automatic ways to boost your savings habit during America Saves Week. Then, enjoy the best part: sitting back and waiting for your savings to grow!

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