7 Sure-Fire Ways to Save Extra Money (Even If You Don’t Have It!)


So you’ve already checked under the couch cushions and scraped up all the loose change in your car. Don’t think you have any extra money? Well, think again. We’ll give you 7 ways to save extra money you didn’t even know you had.

1. Cut back on your pricey media intake.

You can get books and DVDs from your school or local library for free instead of paying extra money. Plus, you’ll save yourself from all that added clutter.

2. Use a Rewards Card for Purchases.

Make the most of a credit card with a rewards program for customers by using it to pay any of your expenses. If they’re payments you are making anyway (like your monthly cellphone bill), you might as well make some bills off of them.

3. Speaking of cellphones.

Speak to your service provider about paring back on your phone package. Or check out deals with different service providers. Always ask about the WiFi password at local restaurants or coffee shops and save that data for when you really need it.

4. Go green.

OK, we’re not saying go buy a Tesla—though that would be great. But by parking your car and taking a bike or public transportation if you can, you can save a bundle on gas, tolls, wear and tear, and those inevitable parking tickets.

5. Carry cash.

The benefits of carrying cash are two-fold. First, you can restrict how much you spend by leaving the debit card at home—You can’t spend what you don’t have! Second, sometimes you can get a lower deal if you pay straight cash for something (like gasoline). Retailers pay a fee on all those credit and debit transactions, so cash talks.

6. The PB&J Approach.

Skip the pricey takeout and brown bag your meals. You don’t have to eat like a six-year old though. Try out making yourself a fancy salad in a jar and you won’t miss that $10 bread bowl of soup. While you’re at it. . . .

7. Kick the bottled water habit.

Bring a refillable bottle and fill up as you go. Many places (like the gym or fast-food joint) have filtered water you can use. And the environment will thank you, too.

Voilà! So check those old jacket pockets, but don’t forget these money-saving tips. Let America Saves Week motivate you to save the extra today!

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