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Riflery is a rare sport in that you may have even more opportunities at scholarships by looking outside of college awards and applying to funding provided by groups, clubs, and organizations. If you possess a talent in marksmanship, or if you enjoy the sport of rifles, you have several opportunities to earn rifling scholarships. Although there are political debates on gun law issues, the organizations that have a passion for competitive marksmanship and rifle shooting award college scholarships to help support and bring awareness to the sport. As a marksman, you can prove your talents by participating in competitions to show off your skill, or you can demonstrate your interest by joining a local or national rifle group— as some scholarships offered require recipients to be members. Whether you plan to continue at the collegiate level or just want to develop your hobby, rifle scholarships are a great way to help you pay for your education. Check out our directory of rifling scholarships below, and apply today.

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