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Who Are Healthcare Scholarships for?

Healthcare spans many sub fields, making it full of scholarship opportunities. As such, you may find healthcare scholarships for allied health or medical science majors. 

Allied health workers deliver health or related services. This means a job where you identify, assess, and prevent diseases and disorders or work in ‘health and wellness’. This career could help individuals with their diet and nutrition. 

 Other than nursing, majors that pertain to healthcare include: 

  • Rehabilitation (E.g. occupational therapy or physical therapy, athletic training) 
  • Health systems management 
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers 
  • Medical technologists 
  • Radiographers 
  • Respiratory therapists 
  • Speech language pathologists 

If you plan to pursue a career in healthcare, scholarships may help pay for college and accredited programs.

How to Apply for a Scholarship?

To apply for a health care scholarship, you need to qualify. Each provider sets the terms for its awards, so they vary from one to the next. Many donors want to see proof of enrollment in a specific major. Eligible students may be in programs for dental hygiene, health education, med school, nursing or pharmacy.  

To be eligible you may have to meet other criteria too. Some providers look for candidates with a high financial need. You usually fill out the FAFSA to see if you are eligible for financial aid. 

Merit awards are for people who have high grades and test scores. Or stand out with respect to a proposed area of research.  

Either way, you must fill out an online application about your personal and academic info as well as enrollment status and current goals.  

Are There Healthcare Scholarships for Minority Students?

If you are a minority student studying health focused majors, there are also scholarships. To be eligible, you might have to show financial need and good academic performance.

To give you an example, there is one from the Association on American Indian Affairs. It is for American Indian students majoring in public health or science and awards $1,500.  

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses is another one. It is for Hispanic students studying the nursing profession. Also, tap into professional agencies in your field and broaden your search as much as possible.  

You should look for scholarships in your state (E.g. California) and local community. Your high school and local organizations may offer healthcare scholarships.   

Why Consider Applying for a Scholarship?

Health care jobs are some of the fastest growing in the nation. Healthcare scholarship may help pay for your college expenses like tuition, room and board, fees and more. About 4.11 million people work in allied health and health sciences today. About 1.9 million new opportunities are on the horizon for 2028.  

To launch or advance a career in these fields, you often need a college degree. Some support roles call for an associate degree. While more technical ones, a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate is needed. 

Tuition for these degrees varies by level, program and school. At last check, the cost of a public college was $6,428. It’s about $28,780 for an out of state private school. 

That said, many jobs in health care are lucrative. Average salaries are $74,141 and on the rise by 1.56%.  

As such, it may be a perfect moment to look for a scholarship. You do not need to pay scholarship money back if you abide by the terms. And some may yield more than money for tuition. 

The National Institutes of Health offers scholarships of this nature. Recipients also train as research employees. Then serve for one year of fulltime work for each year of their award.  

List of Healthcare Scholarships

Check out our list of healthcare scholarships worth .

Idaho Nursing and Health Professionals Scholarship Fund

The Idaho Nursing and Health Professionals Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for nursing and medical students who are attending a college or university in Idaho.

Total: $2000

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 15

Catalyst $100K Healthcare Award

The Catalyst Scholar award winners need to notify us once accepted into the graduate programs with their official acceptance letter from the school. Once the team verifies that acceptance and start dates, we would coordinate the scholarship reimbursement with the school on behalf of the candidate.

Total: $1000000

Awards: 10

Deadline: March 15

Jill Biden Scholarship – Biden Breast Health Initiative

This scholarship is open to Delaware resident high school seniors who are graduating from a Delaware high school and plan to pursue a career in healthcare or education. Students must have a low to moderate income and be active in community service.

Total: $6000

Awards: 3

Deadline: March 15

Ronald P. and Ethel R. Rawlinson Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is open to students who are graduating from or have graduated from a high school in Emmett, Idaho and plan to enroll or are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies. Students must pursue a program in the medical or paramedical field, including but not limited to nursing, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, physical therapy, anesthesiology, kinesiology, etc.

Total: $4600

Awards: 2

Deadline: March 15

Treasure Valley Family YMCA Scholarship for Civic Engagement

This scholarship is open to U.S. high school seniors at public, private, charter, or parochial high schools in the geographic area served by the Treasure Valley Family YMCA (Ada and Canyon counties in Idaho). Students must have made significant contributions to their community through community service, etc., and demonstrate passion for and dedication to working collaboratively to find solutions for civic issues (whether homelessness, healthcare, education, environment, etc.) and an interest in pursuing civic work (whether career or volunteer) that will strengthen and improve the community.

Total: $4600

Awards: 2

Deadline: March 15

NCPA Foundation Presidential Scholarship

The NCPA Foundation Presidential Scholarship is available for all pharmacy students who are NCPA members are eligible to apply for one NCPA Foundation Scholarship per year. It aims to advance research, education and outreach to pharmacy students. A few scholarships are offered to further this goal.

Total: $2000

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 15

Drezner Family Scholarship

The Drezner Scholarship is available for second-year students at Monterey Peninsula College and Hartnell College. Applicants must transfer to a four-year college upon completion of an A.A., and must major in health & human services or education & teaching. Click here to learn more and to apply today!

Total: $10000

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 15

James Bliss and Annette Sward Forestry and Nursing Scholarship

The James Bliss and Annette Sward Forestry and Nursing Scholarship is available for high school seniors and undergraduates in Monterey, San Benito or Santa Cruz counties of CA. Applicants must be majoring in or planning to major in fire science, forestry, nursing, and/or paramedic/EMT training.

Total: $2000

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 15

Joel and Dena Gambord Nursing Scholarship

The Joel and Dena Gambord Nursing Scholarship is available for nursing majors at California State University at Monterey Bay. Applicants must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Total: $17000

Awards: 1

Deadline: March 15

Dr. Roger and Kate Bartels Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Roger and Kate Bartels Memorial Scholarship is available for graduating seniors from Carmel High School, Marina High School, Monterey High School, Pacific Grove High School, Seaside High School, Stevenson School, Santa Catalina School, Trinity Christian High School, and York School. Applicants must plan to major in healthcare, science, or the arts.

Total: $1000

Awards: 2

Deadline: March 15

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