Study Abroad Scholarships

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Many colleges and universities offer options for studying abroad and taking advantage of such an opportunity may be one of the greatest adventures and opportunities you can find in higher education. Being able to learn and study in a foreign country reveals a wealth of new experiences and perspectives that just aren't available in more traditional classroom settings. Whether you're learning a foreign language through immersion, experiencing a foreign culture first-hand, or just interested in seeing the world, these experiences provide unique insights for students in just about any field or major.

Although not all scholarships and aid programs are eligible to fund study abroad programs, all the awards on this list can be used to help pay for travel, accommodation, and/or tuition costs related to foreign study, employment, and other academic, volunteer, and career advancement opportunities.

So, although the costs of tuition and travel can add up, there are also a variety of study abroad scholarships and financial aid opportunities provided by colleges, governments, and other organizations. Read on to browse through our collection of scholarships for study abroad!

National Student Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is available to a student who is entering North Carolina State University as a full-time freshman. The student must demonstrate leadership experience, strong personal character, and integrity.

Total: $10000 Awards:  1
Deadline:  October 15