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How Do I Apply for Law Firm Scholarships?

Law firm scholarships help to offset the cost of college or law school. They are available from large and small law firms and in many niche fields. Business law, criminal law, immigration and tax law are a few examples.

These vary as some law firms want to help certain kinds of students. For example, Veterans, women and minorities may qualify for the scholarships.

But often they invite any undergraduate or law student (1L, 2L, or 3L) to apply. Law students must attend an accredited USA college, university, or law school. Apart from these criteria, a scholarship may come with a few qualifiers. They will also look at your GPA and record of community service.

Along with this information, an application may ask for reference letters. These attest to your character and may come from employers, professors or mentors.

To narrow the field of applicants, a law firm may also ask you to write an essay or cover letter for the scholarship. You could explain your future goals or point of view on a legal matter. You might also need to describe why a specific type of law interests you.  So, if you have any related studies, internships or experiences, these may help you stand out.

How Do Scholarships from Law Firms Help Pay for College?

A law firm scholarship may be useful if your goal is to pursue a three year law degree. Scholarships may help cover your tuition, fees, room and board and other expenses. According to Data USA, a law degree at a public college costs about $8,698 per year. Tuition is much higher ($42,627) at private colleges. Once you graduate, there are many possible career paths and areas of practice.

Apart from a sharp mind, lawyers tend to need a Juris Doctor (JD degree). The average salary is $120,910 per year. So, this may be an option to prepare for.

An example of a law firm scholarship is Rise to Shine Scholarship. Allen, Flatt, Balladis & Leslie Inc. awards one winner $1,000 to cover educational expenses. To qualify, applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher, be a US citizen or permanent resident, and currently be a high school senior or undergrad.

List of Law Firm Scholarships

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