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Feeling a little sick about the thought of paying for college? Looking for ways to nurse your college savings back to health? We have the perfect remedy – scholarships! And, with these scholarships sponsored by medical companies, you have the perfect tools at your fingertips to cure your financial malady. So, for the health and well-being of your college savings account, check out our list of top medical company sponsored scholarships below. Get matched with the scholarships from pharmaceutical companies by filling out our Scholarship Match Quiz 

List of Medical Company Sponsored Scholarships

Medical Company Sponsored Scholarships 2024 List

180 Medical Scholarships

The 180 Medical Scholarship Program is for students under a physician’s care for spinal cord injury, spina bifida, transverse myelitis, neurogenic bladder, or ostomy (ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy). This opportunity is offered to legal U.S. Citizens seeking a two-year, four-year, or graduate school program full-time in the fall.
Award Amount

Total:  $49000

Awards:  7


Deadline:  June 01

I-70 Community Hospital Education Foundation Scholarship Fund

The I-70 Community Hospital Education Foundation Scholarship Fund is available for undergraduate and graduate students in Saline, Lafayette, Johnson, or Pettis Counties in Missouri who are majoring in a medical field of study.
Award Amount

Total:  $2000

Awards:  1


Deadline:  June 01 Scholarship

As stated, has a strong passion for helping people, so why not expand this vision beyond just American seniors and other Medicare recipients? As a player in the healthcare industry, we’re all too aware just how important medical professionals, caretakers, and good people in general can be. In an effort to lend a helping hand beyond just our primary demographic, we’ve created a scholarship program that is designed to help college students, medical trainees, and others earn the financial support they need to succeed in their chosen career.
Award Amount

Total:  $25000

Awards:  5


Deadline:  April 15

Red Cross: Leaders Saves Lives Scholarship Program

Students can coordinate their own blood drive and win up to $2,500!
Award Amount

Total:  $24000

Awards:  3


Deadline:  August 31