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Are There Any Lutheran Scholarships?

If you identify as a Lutheran, it may help you qualify for a range of Lutheran scholarships. Lutheran scholarships offset the cost of a college degree or seminary school. They are available through private donors as well as colleges and universities.

Some awards assist Lutheran students who want to pursue a career in a church vocation (E.g. ordained minister). While other scholarships are for students in diverse academic fields of study.

To be eligible for a Lutheran scholarship, you will need to meet the provider’s criteria. Often this means showing you are an active member of your church and faith.

As such, you can expect to provide at least one reference from your pastor. You may also need proof of enrollment in an accredited college program and a statement of your goals.

For this, you may need to write a brief essay that responds to prompted questions. For instance, if you get a scholarship, how will it help you service your Lutheran community?

Most providers want to support students who plan to give back. So, you may need to show how you want to lead and plan to promote Lutheran ideals.

Colleges that offer Lutheran affiliated scholarships also look at two other factors. One is your grade point average (GPA). The second is your financial need, based on information from your FAFSA. Valparaiso University offers the Lutheran Leadership Scholarship. The award is available for Lutheran students who are actively engaged in leadership roles in their districts, synods, or high schools. The scholarship will pay full tuition for each academic year.

Why Should Lutheran Students Apply for Scholarships?

At last count, there were about 7 million Lutherans in America. Some are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Others are part of another sect, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. 

Lutherans are Christians and as such, believe in Jesus Christ as the savior. But they also differ from traditional Christians in some beliefs and rituals.

For example, Lutherans do not need the intervention of priests to seek God’s grace or forgiveness. And, administer the sacrament to people of all ages.

These differences may create a host of scholarship opportunities exclusive to Lutheran students. As a result, there may be less competition for funds. Since a scholarship is not a loan, you do not need to repay back the money. These types of awards are an important type of financial aid to help pay for college.

List of Lutheran Scholarships

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