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Are There United Methodist Scholarships?

If you are a member of the United Methodist Church (UMC), there are scholarships you might apply for. United Methodist scholarships come from a range of providers, including the Methodist Church.

Some scholarships support Methodist students pursuing higher education in general. So, you might use the money to offset costs at any U.S. accredited college. Regardless of your academic major.

For example, take the Leonard M. Perryman Scholarship from the United Methodist Communications. It awards one scholarship in the amount of $2,500. Eligible undergrads pursuing a degree in religion, communication or journalism may apply.

Other awards are only for students who plan to attend a United Methodist partner school. These may entail majoring in a specified field such as theology or the ministry.

Am I Eligible for a United Methodist Scholarship?

To be eligible for a United Methodist Scholarship, you must meet all the criteria set by a provider. While rules vary, most providers want to know you are an active, faithful member of the Church for some time.

Within these guidelines, some are for UMC members from across the nation. Local agencies often secure funds through endowments. These may honor a namesake. So, an eligible applicant usually needs to exhibit qualities embodied by that person.

While application forms range from simple to complex, expect to provide background details. You will need to show a certain level of financial need, and an acceptable GPA. Applications will also ask for a record of community service and goals.

This may mean you will have to write an essay or personal statement. A common question is if to you plan to serve the Church in a professional capacity when you graduate. And if so, how?

Along with this information, you are likely to need at least one letter of reference. From your pastor, it attests to your character and verifies you are a full UMC member.

Why Apply for a United Methodist Scholarships?

The Methodist movement began in the early 1700’s under an Anglican minister named John Wesley. It was able to spread rapidly but experienced a rift over the issue of slavery.

In 1968, the separation ended with the merger of two churches. The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church are well known churches.

Today, there are over 6.8 million lay members in the United Methodist Church. The Church is also in mission in over 136 countries. Each year, United Methodists give charity. In 2016 they gave over $6.3 billion to diverse causes.

Pursing a college degree is an important goal for many United Methodist members. In doing so, they helped fund many schools. There are three 2 year colleges, ninety two 4 year colleges and thirteen theological schools.

Scholarships in general will help pay for college in the long term. It will help students avoid tremendous amounts of student loan debt! Don’t wait to apply for a scholarship today!

List of United Methodist Scholarships

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