10 phone apps for upcoming high school seniors


10 phone apps for upcoming high school seniors

If you are about to enter your senior year in high school, you’re probably already feeling some anxiety and pressure about next year.  Your parents may be hounding you about making a choice about which colleges to apply to, your guidance counselor may start pushing you to take rigorous courses to help impress admission officials, and you’re probably worried about finding enough scholarships to help pay for everything. It can be enough to make you go crazy! Next year will definitely require some serious time-management skills, especially if you’re going to keep up with your regular assignments, study for college exams, and still find some time to have a little fun. Thankfully, there are hundreds of great phone apps that can help you keep your life, and academics, on track. Here are ten apps that every incoming high school senior should consider.

1. Studious (Free)

You can stop dragging around those old-school agendas or writing everything down in a paper notebook because Studious lets you organize your life on your phone. Once you put in your class schedule, it will silence your device during class periods and remind you about upcoming homework assignments or tests. You can even save notes and photos on it, too.

2. All College Application Essays ($4.99)

If you plan to apply to more than one college, this app will definitely come in handy. You can access more than 600 college and university application essay requirements, including the due dates, word count requirements, number of teacher recommendations, and other required documentation. The app also includes links to college websites and tips for the admissions process. It’s a great way to collect and organize all your college essays.

3. Ace the SAT (Free)

Are you worried about the math portion of the Standard Aptitude Test (SAT)? Get this free app to help you ace the SAT. There are more than 3 million questions available, so you’ll never answer the same question twice. The app even tracks your progress, and you can save questions to share with others. If you’re competitive, there’s even a way to see how your score compares to other users. If you need some help in the critical reading area, you may also want to check out MyPrepPal.

4. ACTStudent (Free)

If you are planning to take the ACT, you may want to consider this free app. It will allow you to take a practice exam and gain feedback about your score. You will also have access to information about events leading up to the test so you know what to expect on test day.

5. GPA Calculator (Free)

Your grade point average is nothing to fool around with, so making sure it’s on track is a must. You can easily follow your progress with this free app, and ensure your grades are right where they need to be for college admissions.

6. AccelaStudy (Free)

Do you need help with your foreign language class? Check out the free app offered by AccelaStudy. Whether you are taking Spanish, French, Italian, or another language, this app will help you understand and pronounce words in the shortest time possible. Some of the features include: multiple choice quizzes, flashcards, and even a hands-free mode, so you can study while you’re at the gym or out jogging.

7.Graphing Calculator ($1.99)

If your math or science teacher requires a graphing calculator this fall, consider getting this app instead of purchasing an expensive hand-held model. You will still be able to plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph, find coordinates, and complete a multitude of functions. At just $1.99, it definitely beats paying $200 for the real deal.

8.Dropbox (Free)

Never worry about leaving an assignment at home by accident again! Dropbox allows you to store, update, and edit files from your phone — no matter where you are or where you go. You can also upload photos and videos, and share your files with friends, family or other students.

9. The Chemical Touch ($.99)

Do you have trouble memorizing the periodic table? This handy app will help you explore the properties of any element, as well as amino acids and nucleobases. If you need in-depth explanations of different concepts, the app will take you to Wikipedia for more details.

10. College Packing List (Free)

Of course, the one thing that is probably at the top of your list next year is heading off to college. To ensure you don’t forget anything, download this free app to track your purchases. Items are organized by category, and there are helpful tips to make sure you make the best shopping decisions. It’s an easy way to make packing for college fun. Do you know of any other apps that are a must-have for high school students? Share them with us in the comment section.

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